First Oral herpes breakout

Very confused over this new platform. But came here to say that after the past year of being paranoid that everything is an hsv breakout on my face…I can finally say Im definitely having one. Ive had them on my vulva, there was no mistake about that. I knew I had hsv 1 and 2. But I wasn’t quite sure if I have hsv 1 and 2 on just my vulva or orally as well. Ever since Ive stopped breastfeeding my face has been breaking out with acne and I started convincing myself it might be herpes. Ive been taking my valtrex everyday since May. I recently got a stomach bug and got super dehydrated and weak. So I stopped taking the Valtrex thinking it was making me feel even worse. I had been considering stopping taking it for a bit anyway because I had headaches once a week since taking it. Not long after stopping it I got a shooting pain that would come and go in my neck for a couple days and noticed the lymph node was swollen behind my ear. After I had a sore inside my lip that seemed to clear away quickly without much pain. But then on Saturday I noticed a pain start to develop under my tongue. And now I have these tiny red and white lesions spreading all under my tongue and they hurt so bad. I think I do have some other sores on the inside of my lip still but they don’t bother me that much. It’s just the ones on my tongue. I was diagnosed with hsv 1 via blood test back in like 2016 or 2017? I had never had anything like this happen to me ever. I was diagnosed with hsv 2 in 2021 and didn’t get genital lesions till after I gave birth in 2022. I guess I would have to go to the dr during an outbreak to test them to see which is hsv 1 or 2. But that probably is pointless to do. I just now suddenly have the extreme anxiety of passing it on to my 1.5 year old. I can’t always predict what she will do. She grabs my face and knocks into my face. And Im quick to wash her hands and mine constantly. The other day I accidentally gleaked my spit in her direction and started crying. I never gleak and why did I have to do it while having these symptoms? Ive been watching her like a hawk in fear she will get this from me. My hands are starting to crack from overwashing them and now Im worried that Im going to infect my hands with herpes from having open sores on them (yes, I am trying to lotion them).My mind goes to every possible thing that could happen and I hate it. Anyway, these blisters on my tongue are just painful painful. I hope it stops spreading more.

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Here are some ways to deal with the pain, Oral Herpes: The Best Ways to Treat the Flare-Ups

Talk to your child’s pediatrician about your concerns, can you pass it, yes, but so can a caretaker or teacher, friend, grandparent…it is really common and all the anxiety (we get it) isn’t good for you. If those tips we sent don’t help, talk to your doctor or dentist about getting a lidocaine rinse. Try as much as possible to not freak out and again, talk to your doctor about Valtrex and your headaches and how to best avoid future breakouts in your mouth. -SG

We wanted to see how you were doing. Were you able to speak to your child’s doctor? -SG