First post, just need to air stuff out. I've struggled with

First post, just need to air stuff out. I've struggled with porn addiction for nearly 30 years due to events outside my control when I was younger. I've tried unsuccessfully to stop on my own several times. The current situation with covid caused my job to become virtual for the time being. I made the stupid mistake of watching porn on my personal computer while also working from it and now believe my company knows about it and are in the process of firing me. But I suppose there is a silver lining, this has been a huge wake-up call, and I finally admitted to myself I needed help and told my wife of 9 years about my addiction and how I need help to stop (she had no idea). Man was that hard, but it was like a massive weight lifted from one shoulder while the other has the immense pressure from the threat of being fired. I can't stop beating myself up about it, the fact I would jeopardize my families financial stability for something so stupid. I can't eat or sleep due to the anxiety of not knowing for sure. Nothing to do now but wait and see I suppose. I'm new to all this, so if anyone has any resources that have helped them cope with a similar addiction please let me know.

Your not stupid, you are addicted perhaps. Consider help from a therapist. Could be an addiction to porn or you could be have a obsessive compulsive type personality. propelling you maybe anxiety it makes a good fuel. Counseling will get the pieces sorted out . The childhood incident maybe just that and only that. You are recognizing your responsibility. The most important point and first step.

Hey man, sorry you're going through this. Seems to me that you're doing the right things for the right reasons concerning your addiction. Stick with it and be ready to forgive yourself if you stumble.
Let's try and unpack your concern about your job. What makes you so sure about that? Are you getting signals from your boss? Them mining your history on your personal computer sounds like a privacy violation. If its a company provided pc, not so much.
I went on a fishing trip with some friends that are mostly IT managers and conversation invariably turned to stories about catching internet porn. What I learned (I'm in manufacturing) was that they typically only actioned on severe, like illegal and/or long-repetitive-durations. Who can say if that anecdote is relevant to you situation, but try identify the ques you're getting from your boss. This may not even be a real concern here.

I agree that therapy can really help you and that you cannot do it all by yourself, you need to get some help, starting with your wife, then friends and relatives who can be trusted. Recognizing your problem and wanting to do something about it is just the first step. Now you need information. I suggest that you get this book which I have recommended here so many times. It is called "Every Man's Battle" by Stephen Arterburn. Get to know first what porn does to your brain and why you reach a point where it controls you and you cannot stop it. They also have a website, where you also get more information and they have a radio program. Getting help is the most important thing. Try going to the website and doing this as soon as you can.