First post - some gambling wout all gambling

I started when i was about 8 (yes 8, thanks pop). Horses have cost me more than i can count, finanicially and emotionally. I'm never satisfied with my winnings, and i go back until i lose.
A few years ago i began with poker. Once I learned the game, i've made a steady profit. However, that money goes back to the horses.
I'm now broke and instead of spending time in the poker room where i make money, i go straight to the horses where i eventually will lose.
Everyone i know in the gambling world asks me why i don't play poker for a living. The hurtful truth is that i know i can't handle being around gambling all the time. I don't have what it takes (at least not yet) to play poker, and not bet horses/football, etc.
How can i walk into a casino know i have a great chance to win if i go one way, yet i walk the other. I get a reush on the quick fix (horses) but this has to end. My fiance told me that it's over if i went in debt again, and here i am. I want to quit on my own, but i've been down this road and it's never happened.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know how to play poker. I've never gambled playing poker. I always go straight to the same type of machine "Star Spangled Sevens" because I get a rush on the times the screen turns pink and spin. I love it when it spends more than once, this is when I actually win big money. I've learned to cash out and put another $20.00 or $100.00 in and go for it again until it happens again. I use to play it all back, but now I cash out and use other cash on other tries and if it doesn't happen, I leave with either more than what I went in with or just break even and win nothing. I don't care about any other machine in the casino. How crazy is that? Anyway, I've lost money lately which is why my husband is so mad with me. I need to acknowledge his request and promise not to return. We really do not have money to loose. He wants me to attend a support group for gambling, so I'm going to honor his wish. I hope this works. This is "my time" alone when I go. It is difficult to spend 24/7 with your spouse and have no other outlets.

My fix is horses. Yours is the Star-Spangled 7's. I can relate to yours as much as you can mine.

They are similar in that we both lose over time and gain absolutely nothing.

I'm sure there are other outlets for your time away from the spouse. Even the support group, as difficult as it may seem, is better than putting your money into that monster.

I agree which is why I’m going so that I can possibly help others that opt to come. I’m now a Mary Kay Senior Consultant and this is fun time away from my spouse. I get to enjoy and share age defying products and makeovers with people who want to try the products. This is fun. I’m putting money into inventory now instead of that damn monster machine in the casino. Thanks Long time coming for conversing with me. I will keep you posted.