First time posting in a support group ever. I'm biologically

First time posting in a support group ever. I'm biologically a woman, I'm turning 37 this year and I'm married to a man. We don't have children. We are like soulmates, best friends and attracted to one another. I'm originally from Latin America and I also came from a conservative family.

Living in NYC allowed me to know people from different cultures and beliefs and it has changed me over the years. When the pandemic hit, I couldn't help myself and I started to get depressed because of my identity struggles, which got much worse.

It took 2 years to finally come out to my husband as a bi or bi-curious (not sure yet tbh) and it happened in the middle of June 2022, the pride month. I felt some relief but It's been really tough. I felt attracted to a few women in the past and I've been so depressed and struggling to accept it and love myself the way I am. I think it all comes from the education I got from my family. I even thought about harming myself because of that.

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I feel the same and it seems like we have had a lot of the same influence in our lives that make us ashamed to be us. But it is freeing to be you even if it's only in small ways.

@Askh it’s so relieving to share my story and see that we’re not alone. thanks for sharing your feelings.