First time sex

So, I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in the bible and the very truth it tell us. I feel that I have a strong relationship with the Lord. I am very involved within my church, and I feel that I should go to the bible for these answers, but I just need some support.

So last night, it got very heated with my boyfriend. We went the whole nine yards, and it was my very first time. I felt sooo weird. I kept worrying about what if people found out? I would lose everything in the church for premarital sex. And I felt that I should have felt so wrong,, and guilty... and people would be so disappointed in me. I know that God was watching me and shaking his head in disappointment. It is sin.

That is the theory on what I should have felt. I feel even worse, because I felt like it wasnt wrong. I feel bad for not feeling bad. It was enjoyable, however, all the worries and stressors of the outside hit me harder than what I actually thought of the night.

I am just so confused. I told my boyfriend how I was feeling, and he was veryyyy comforting and wanted to be sure that I was okay.

I am okay, its just very hard... when the everyone around you tells you of how BAd something is, when you read it in the bible of how wrong it is and sin leads you to hell... which I totally believe. However, why don't I feel bad? In fact the only thing that was scary was the thought of getting pregnant and letting people down.

I dont know how to feel or what to think.

I just had a blank mind after all these thoughts.

I am going to pray very hard about it.

Hello there! I respect your beliefs and feelings on premarital sex. Though, I truly believe that if it is something shared between two people who truly and deeply care for one another, and love one another, then it's a beautiful thing. Also, sex is a very emotional act [most especially for women] and you are feeling the after effects of not only sex but it also being your first time. No one has to know about this, as it is something private and special between you and your boyfriend. It should be something that's so beautiful and shared between the two of you.

Thank you for your comment. Trust me, I am not telling anyone anything. That is why I turned to writting on here for anonymous posting.

I agree with what you said though. =] Thanks!

please rember the fact that God is love,Jesus forgave you along time ago;the bible says when ever 2 or more are gathered in his also directs us to be amoung others who share our beliefs so here I am praying with you,for you,for his will,not on with your life and please forgive yourself.judgement is for HIM not anybody else in your life.stop and listen -He'll always tell you what you need to do.

I told him that I wanted to wait until marriage. I told myself that, however, deep down, I knew that it was going to be very hard.. and I really didn't believe that I would. Well, at that point I tried to make myself believe that. I told him allll the time, and he was perfectly fine with it. He actually tried to keep it from happening. But anyway, I told myself these things because My Jesus died for me, and I can't wait for marriage? ... I feel like a failure, but in the same case, I want to just be okay with what has happened. Which, I am ... and then I feel like I shouldn't. Trying to make yourself believe something doesn't work if you deeply inside feel different about it. I just wish it was okay and acceptable. I wish that God didn't make it as a bad thing before marriage. I don't understand why it is bad....

Donna K, I need someone to pray for me to feel conviction. Because it is defiantly not there. I want it to be there, but a part of me wants me to continue on with whatever... I just need a lot of prayer and I appreciate it.

Thanks =]

I understand how you are not able to be at peace with it just yet. Allow yourself time to process this and work through it. I know that you will get to a very good place with it very soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

marraige is a promise to always love and be there for someone.i dont feel the need to be in church to make that promise.i think that God only cares about wether youre married in your which i mean deeply in love and committed to that person.god invented sex before the church invented marraige.pray for guidence if you need.however remember that the love you and your bf share is beautiful and can anything that results from that love be bad?