Five years and 3 1/2 months ago, all I wanted was to get sob

Five years and 3 1/2 months ago, all I wanted was to get sober and stay sober. All my time and energy went to that. I dreamed of making it to one year. I knew if I could get past that year that I could really get better and change my life. And to be able to say that I’ve been sober for five years and 3 1/2 months was a dream. All I wanted was to be where I am right now with my sobriety. Now that I have accomplish that goal, I need new goals. And now my dream is to get to my normal weight that I was all throughout childhood up to 27. I’m 54 and I always wait around 130. Perfect weight. Now I’m 186. My goal my dream is to be 130 pounds again. One day I will. In five years from now , I’m going to be able to look back at this moment and say yeah you dreamt about this and now you’re here. This is a long-term goal. Now my short-term goals and my daily goals are little steps that get me toward this big goal.

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Congrats on Sobriety! So glad you have awesome goals and the confidence to make them a
reality : )

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@Littlesis7 thank you. And . . I am 50 , not 54? Not sure why it came out that way?

By the time I am 54 , I will be my goal weight. That is 4 years from now! Yay!