Food Anxiety

Hi Everyone,

I went to eat a food that I am not 100 percent comfortable with yesterday, but I have eaten it a few times before and did fine. I didnt think anything of it and wasnt nervous but as soon as I started to eat it, I felt like I was having a panic attack and felt like I couldnt breathe and I started to cry. I tried to eat it the best I could but I started picking it apart and worrying about what was in it. I was just wondering if its normal to be ok with a food one day and then get nervous about it the next. Does anyone have any good tips on how to get through it? I tried to close my eyes and breathe through it. thanks everyone, Nicole

I too would love to hear some tips if anyone has any..

I think that because eating is so tied in with our emotions, it makes sense to feel differently about a given food on different days... I know I have had an easier time eating certain foods some days than others... For me, I try to focus on the facts... I KNOW that I CAN eat that food. I argue with Ed's voice and try to talk some sense to him. I remind myself that my weight will NOT be affected by one meal, and that my body knows how to take care of itself. I ask myself what I WANT to eat... Do I want the item, or am I simply afraid of eating it? I remind myself that I can TRUST my hunger and satiety. And that I have collected lots of data on my satiety, and I know where it ought to be at the end of a meal. :)

Great topic! :)



While I was in treatment a few years back, I'd journal during some meals. That really helped me a ton.

Thank you Jen and Kristin. I will try doing those things. Great advice. Nicole

Try to remember that one food is not better or worse than's fuel, energy!!
I realize that the anxiety is there, and pushing through it is very very hard. If you can remind yourself that this is ONE time, and you are making the CHOICE to eat this food as a way to help your's in your hands!
Good luck, and thank you for sharing....Jan ♥

Hi ....

I am in recovery but still having lots of difficulties with ''not safe food'' .
But like any other thing we need to practise and keep on doing the right thing ... to test that food several times so we will know that it s not harm at all ! I dont mean having 1 chocolate everyday ... I mean let s eat 4 squares of chocolate everyday and for sure we wont get an extra pound next day ! I tried it on my own and worked ! It s a test and u can choose any food u are afraid of ... and just eat smth of it everyday ... and see if it s going to harm u ...

I was afraid of oil ... I still am ... but since I know that I am allowed to eat a quatity of oil everyday , that is necessary to have it I told myself ... why not take advantage of it ? It cant make me fat if I eat the recommanded quantity !

Thank you Jan and Madalina for your kind words and advice. I appreciate it. I know the more I work through it the esier it will become. Thanks again, nicole

Good points Jan and Mada. All food scares me, but I made a move today and ate some veggies! You can do it nicole, mind over matter :)

Sometime ago ... when I used to starve myself ... and have this low carb diet going on .. I thought fruits = evil , vegies like tomatoes and beans peas ... = evil ! So I didnt eat them at all ... now , from what I see we just should add as more servings we can during the day ! I eat many fruits and they give me energy , good mood and at least I know I wont get fat from them .. and the cravings for precissed sugar is lower than ever !

Please remember, and this is a proven fact...'dietary fat does not make a person fat'...but I realize the fears. We need at the very least, 25% dietary fat in our daily intake. This is essential for brain function and many other bodily functions. Expressing your fears is the first step to moving toward them, and then beyond them...take care...Jan ♥