Food is how I cope

Hello everyone! For my whole life I have loved food but mostly the sweet stuff and my whole life I have been battling with my weight and how I viewed myself. I love to eat when I am depressed, happy, bored, and any other emotion you can think of. However, I always feel terrible about myself when all is said and done and my stomach is killing me, I feel lazy, and I can almost see myself getting fatter. I never throw up or se laxatives to counteract my eating. Ironically, working in the field I have in the last 3 years as an addictions counselor has taught me that my problem is also an addiction, however, I do not have the luxury of stopping use as I need food. I recently lost 40 lbs and am seeing myself go back up the scale again which I do not want to do. I am having trouble finding the motivation to make the needed changes to keep this weight off because I always find excuses to let the bad food back!

I have exactly the same problem. I need help. I am so tired of food controling my life. I'm so tired of not being in control and the guilt and self hate that comes from overeating :(

I thought I was reading my own post for a minute. I too am in the field and have learned so much over the years about eating disorders and addictions. I've seen therapists and everything only to end up in the same place. I feel like it is a constant battle. I definitely use food to cope with feelings. Things have been extremely stressful lately and it is so automatic that I grab tons of food and just eat. Then I feel sick,irritable and tired. It is completely out of control again. My mind is tired from the obsession with food. I have tried overeaters anonymous only to find that the rigidity makes my disorder and binges worse. My mind won't shut up.

Try to find a TOPS group.

I have the same problem I have found a group that is very supportive it is TOPS(Taking Off Pounds Sensible).I have lost 80 lbs but I got and gain some back but with the right support you cant do this.

With TOPS I have found the scale and the support keeps you accountable for what you eat.

Binge Eating...

Can try...


You use the FOOD to get better but it is really YOU DOING IT !!!

Seriously think about it.

Food... it is not cocaine, Pot, heroin, pills, etc...

YOU USE the FOOD to comfort you but it is you releasing the endorfans (Chemicals) in your brain to feel better, you just choose food to help you get there.

How about Substatute something there. ???

Maybe, hummmmm....

how about... Chewing GUM !!!

It gives you the ACT of Chewing but NO FOOD. become a Chewing Gum Addict !!!


Try when you get the URGE, chew gum flavored like food ?!?!?!?

Try anything like that.

reteach yourself it is YOU making YOU Feel better...


HOPE that can HELP !!!

OH and also, start slow, eat and then stop and chew the gum, Dont eat all you want, keep trying in small steps until finally when you get the urge and things are to much you traded food for GUM and the GUM helps you feel better.

MAYBE ????