For almost 2 years i've been jacking off in front of a camer

For almost 2 years i've been jacking off in front of a camera on skype or chatrooms. Now I've realized how i made myself so small. for the last 3 months i'am not doing this anymore but it's hard to get over that fact. I always feel that no matter what I become some people will always see as that boy. I know im still young and have a whole life ahead of me. It's hard because i sometimes feel that there is no more chance for me especially when somebody decided to record me. Now i'am at the point of my life where I'm trying who i want to be and with that in mind the decision is getting tougher.

good luck with that bro...!!! im happy for u

Good for you for deciding to take control over your addiction. You cannot change the past. But you have control over your future now. As hard as it is to accept you can't control how anyone sees you, but you know who you truly are. It is not easy to break habits, but it sounds like you are making a honest effort. Congratulations on taking your life back! You can do it!

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