For everyone out there that has the fear of rejection and no

For everyone out there that has the fear of rejection and not being accepted (which I include myself) I have a success story. I've been talking with a guy for quite a few months. We finally decided to meet up a couple days ago. For me I want to tell a guy before any emotions come into play. so last night through text I told him I had herpes. As I texted him all the information I thought he needed to know and with tears streaming down. Tears from fear of being rejected and because I still haven't forgiven myself for this. He texted back very positive. Within the conversation he texted "it's really not as bad as you may think" Even though I tried to keep all negatives out of the conversation. Hearing this from someone I actually know it just lifted the weight right off my chest. He still talks to me the same exact way he did before I told him. Nothing has changed. We decided to keep doing what we were doing. Stay friends take our time and see where it goes from here. Even if we just remain friends I will know it's because we were just not meant to be it won't be because of the herpes. Just know there are people out there that will accept you for you. I've had 3 guys stick around and 1 that ran off as fast as he could. At least I know what the one guy was after and I don't need that type of person in my life. It hurt don't get me wrong but I'm better off. So for the most part people can be very accepting.

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I am so happy you were able to have such a positive experience! Thank you for sharing this hope with us!

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Thank you for sharing!

I wish you all the best with that. I think it is also very much dependent upon how u take the relationship and the timing of when you tell someone I know that I wouldn't be talking to someone for 3 months before telling them they just wouldn't happen in my world at my age. but yes I agree there are positives in terms of relationships and we need to take that risk I'll be happy being Alone

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My wife has herpes. I never let it bother me. After 13 years, I still don't have it. Like Heart77's guy said, it's not as bad as you might think. Much love to all of you, especially those who have been rejected.

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I also think that it might be easier for women to be accepted by men as there is less risk I know my ex boyfriends ex-wife had it and he never contracted it