For those of you stuck living with the narc, how do you hand

For those of you stuck living with the narc, how do you handle the stress? I swear it is like being bitten by a snake, who then slither away while you are destroyed from the inside out. I journal (many, many pages), but I can't sleep more than 4 hrs per night (and often wake in a cold sweat). I can't eat. Food feels like it doesn't want to stay down. My IBS is back in spades. Time to journal more...

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@Ladyplumeria have you thought about leaving him?

@zee4ward The narc is my son’s girlfriend and he has become her flying monkey. I currently live with my son because he wanted my help taking care of my grandkids. When he invited her back in to live with him, i told him I would not live with that woman. So he is trying to kick me out before I have a place to go.

I’m waiting for an apartment to come available. But the constant threats are getting to me.

How much longer til you get the apartment? Have you tried gray rock? I know even with gray rock it is still frustrating. Are they threatening to kick you out before you are ready? I don't think I would be sleeping either if I were you. Every tiny, little thing that you can do for yourself, you need to do it. Every healthy habit, every moment you can sneak for yourself, you need to do it. Deep breathing might help too. I hope you get out soon.

@daisy182 Technically, the apartment is available now. The problem is that my “application” is still pending. The manager didn’t submit it until almost 5 pm on Wednesday (July 3). Then the place where they run the application through was closed Thursday and Friday. I don’t have good credit anymore (I was disabled for several years and couldn’t work), but the manager said it still shouldn’t be a problem (if anything they might require more of a deposit). Today the manager was out due to a funeral.

I really hope to have an answer tomorrow. My son is really pushing to get me out of the house and my stress level is through the roof. Even though the manager keeps telling me that it won’t be a problem, I afraid of what will happen if I do get denied. Then I have to find somewhere that will rent to me very quickly.

It sounds to me from what I've read in some of your previous posts your son has his hands rather full with this dominating wife. He's really between a rock and a hard place, but ought to have stood up for you. But I guess he took his vows about leaving his mom and cleaving to his wife pretty seriously. It must be killing him. It is best to focus on your future move, settling in, once you finally have access to your place, and just being at peace with your own situation. I know it hurts when your grown children turn on you this way. So I do sympathise. Very painful. I had my own imbalanced daughter write an entire blog about how terrible a mother I was after I spent my entire life sacrificing for my children. What's worse was she friended all my narc husband's narc family so they could get a good laugh at my expense. Life goes on and so will we. I'm so sorry.

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