For those of you that are recovering - do you still bp sometimes?

I was wondering if you still occasionally b/p for those of you in recovery and with counseling? If so, how do you find your way to get back on track and typically how long does it take - 1 day? a few days?

Thank you!

Hi..the bingeing and purging cycle was never a part of how my eating disorder 'presented', but I do know that during recovery, everyone has slips and has to re-group and pick themselves up again. That's the important thing, to never give up, and to accept that recovery is a process, and not a linear one!
Also, don't settle, every time you have a slip, examine why, and how you can prevent it again. Full recovery is possible. Symptoms are not a part of full recovery, ever.
Never give up!! Jan ♥

recovery is a process like sometimes you can go months without a slip and then slip ( like me i slipped recently but i picked myself back up---)

and then there will be time of your life where you will change and wont slip at all . that is true recovery....

takes time!!!!


And patience!!!!!

I had the same question too ....

Seems that you will never forget ED ... and will always think of ''how good it would be if I just binge now '' ...

I feel now that I deceived myself ... that I must reset my calculator ... and I hate that ! But in the same time , I know that hating myself is not going to solve it !

I must forgive myself !

You too ... forgive and accept that recovery doesnt mean a 'perfect road'' ... is full of tests and levels and sometimes gets hard but we still playing for our life !


thanks you SO much for that comment. it really helps to know I am not the only one in the same boat. sometimes when I read other's posts i wonder if I am the ONLY one still not b/p free...

yes, i need to focus on how great it used to be B. free!! of course, that was soooooooooooooo long ago I can hardly remember.

we all must continue to encourage and empower ourselves. This is a TOUGH fight but we can make it.


You know ...

I felt so ashamed seeing how others are in recovery and I wasnt ... it made me feel evan more as failure !

But I was wrong ... ED isnt all about how many days u stayed without b/p s about how you change your perspective about yourself .... changing how you feel it will change what you do ! And how u feel and think ... it s unique and it s all your you !!

Try to identify your own problems to work on ... and this might help u have less binges for the start !