Forgive me this long post. If you read it, thank you. I wou

Forgive me this long post. If you read it, thank you. I would appreciate some comments. I know there are very knowledgeable people in this group. I've always felt that my breakouts were triggered by stress. For years since my first divorce, I was on a very low dose of an antidepressant. It never seemed to help me much, but I stayed on it. Then when I married my 2nd husband who gave me herpes, I switched to bupropion because I was having sexual side effects. It works on different brain chemicals. I'm thru the grieving process which was tough, and I'm back out there doing social things. I'm 69 yrs. old and as I went thru the grieving process, my hair started thinning. Then a while ago it started shedding again. I was horrified! It seems bupropion can cause hair loose. So, I gradually went off it after getting down to 35 mg (almost nothing). I felt terrible, no motivation, increased appetite, difficulty breathing from being depressed. In addition, I was having herpes breakouts all of the time. Then I told a friend my hair was falling out. He asked about me having COVID and said that was a side effect, and it happens some months later. Yes, about April, I was very sick. My doctor didn't even test me. I have since started taking 35 mg again. Even a low dose helps me feel better, and the herpes has calmed down. However, I am obsessing about losing my hair although it seems to have gotten somewhat better. I've done a lot of research and it seems that bupropion also can cause liver failure. I will probably try to go off it again as I never wanted to take antidepressants long term.

@mmadlecl I have never taken antidepressants but I have read that exercise can be an effective drug free antidepressant. I know that for me taking the time and putting in the effort to spend time outdoors, usually hiking etc, helps me deal with stress to avoid outbreaks and helps keep me fit. Is there a good place where you could go walking every day or a few times a week? That or maybe find a hobby you enjoy and forget about your cares while doing your hobby maybe? Not sure if that helps but those are my first thoughts. Good luck.

JayRob Really good reply; thank you for your suggestions. I do try to exercise, but not enough. As you get older your body doesn't respond to exercise like it did when you were younger. But it does help, even now. I need to do it more regularly, and it might help with the breakouts. I didn't think of that.

@mmadlecl Thank you, just my thoughts and experience. I know my body objects if I try to do all the things I did in my twenties but I have found the combination of regular exercise and solitude as I usually hike alone, helps my stress levels. Also helps with other things. I have found that for me eating right, staying fit, getting enough rest, and managing stress all help reduce outbreaks. Also age is a factor but only a factor not the decider of our health. We can let our situations get the best of us or we can make the most of our situations. Good luck.