(Formerly becks beast) goodmorning...ok now I can scream

(Formerly becks beast) goodmorning...ok now I can scream. Eeeeekkkkkkk!!!! MY FIRST EVER CRAZY DR APPT IN LESS THAN 3 HRS... what should I wear??? Should I talk ok r just listen..im gonna sob I just know it...whos gone to one???

Hello secret heart ((hugs))

@paintedsmile here the therapist goes with you and does the talking mostly…maybe ten minutes talking tops and prescription written…you’ll do just fine hon and look awesome…deep breaths and remember they are there to help you

Good morning, can I say that you'll be as pretty as your drawings are? I think you'll look fine in anything you wear and you should talk to them about your problems coz they are doctors I guess. Hoping for the best for you, formerly becksbeast *hugs*

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Most here have been to one. If you've written lots of stuff down. Take it with you and give it to them to keep or too make copies. And lot's of forms to fill out today. Today is just an introduction. At the end you will have a sore writing hand and a headache from the stress of the experience. Please remember to treat yourself after the appointment.
You're going to do fine. Eat something before you go and take a little bottle water to sip on.
say a little prayer to calm your nerves and breathe.
Again, I'm so proud of you.

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Where what is comfortable for you -although maybe not your pajamas lol !! -you will do fine. Talk from your heart. Be as honest as you can. Dr' s r there to help. Best of luck keep us posted!

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Ok u are alll the best!!! Not pjs bring my prep papers eat n bring water dr is gonna b ok

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Yes it will!!

@paintedsmile ...

Please wear what you are comfortable in ... within reason of course. Save the "PJ's" until you are back home.

Take along water and your papers/notes as suggested earlier.

And breathe. Use any breathing techniques you may know that work to calm you. If you do not know any ... try to just breathe slowly and calmly.

Take along something small to have in your hand ... which will tell you to remain calm as you hold it and move it about in your hand. Even a shiny new coin or something else could provide some comfort ... just remember it is there to help keep you focused and calm.

The Doctor will know you maybe nervous because everyone is nervous their first time. They are there to help you and will understand. They will probably direct the conversation so they may ask you questions or will just want you to speak about things at your own pace. And be honest ... as already suggested.

You will do fine. It is a good step towards recovery ... and you are doing it for yourself.

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