Found out my son's dad has been lying to his family for the

Found out my son's dad has been lying to his family for the past week trying to get them to help him leave and take our son.

I'm very sorry. Have you tried to talk to him about it yet? Do you know his reasons for not being open to shared custody? I know you have shared about your mental health here but that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't have shared custody. You may just need more time to get your meds adjusted right or even different meds to keep you more stable. It's understandable that you haven't had the means to even get to your Dr appts to get the care you need. I hope you can find transportation to get to your Dr appts. Some cities have a van that gives you rides ti appts for a small fee you could ask your Dr office if there is something like that in your area.

@Fohb460 he swears he never said anything but I have the screenshots from 3 of his sisters. We fought for hours after I asked him about it. Shared custody wouldn’t work because he will be almost 3 hours away in another state. I wouldn’t be able to go get my son and he won’t bring him to me. There is a transportation bus here and my insurance will pay for transportation. I just can’t handle going anywhere with strangers because of my PTSD.

Hey raven I know you said something about it before but do you have a friend or someone you know that could take you to your appointments. Did you show him the screen shots that you have from his sisters. What about his sisters do they like you at all. I mean would they be willing to bring your son to you so you could see him or would they be willing to take you to your appointments. As long as you could get to your appointments that would help you out with custody. Wish I could help you out by giving you rides so you wouldn't have these problems

I don't have any friends, I'm just their last resort when no one else wants anything to do with them. He knows what he said I shouldn't have to show him. They have been threatening to call CPS on me since I was pregnant with my son so no they would do everything they could to make sure I never see him again.

@FrostedRaven723 I am so sorry your having a rough time with this. Wish there was something we all could do for you. I know a lot of us on this site would help if we could. Why did his sisters show you the screen shots if they weren’t going to help you at all. I hope talking with us on here is helping you a little bit atleast. I know it doesn’t help with some of it but hopefully there is stuff it’s helping with. If you want you can message me on here if you want to talk and need to vent at all. I will try and help the best I can or help point you in the right place to get the answers ÿou need