FOUR TRUTHS ABOUT SUGAR.....TRUTH #1: Sugar is good for us

FOUR TRUTHS ABOUT SUGAR.....TRUTH #1: Sugar is good for us. "Table sugar is composed of two linked molecules; glucose and fructose. In the words of Dr. Rober Lustig, pediatric endocrinologist who is one of the leading proponents of the fact that many of us eat leterally poisonous amounts of sugar: "glucose (kind of sweet, and not that much fun,) and fructose (very sweet, and a whole lot of fun.)1 Glucose is a simple sugar found in plants, and your bloodstream directly absorbs it following digestion. Glucose is a basic building block for all life, from bacteria to large mammals like ourselves to great trees. It's also you brain's favorite food. Your brain consumes about 20% of the calories that your body needs for basic maintenance, like digestion and breathing. And your brain prefers to get those calories from glucose. This is why we naturally love sugar: It's concentrated energy for our most vital organ and foods that are naturally sweet, like fruit, are almost always non-toxic. #1 Lustig, Robert (January 2014) The Sugar-Addiction Taboo. The Atlantic Sugar Truth #2 to soon follow--stay tuned!

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