Freshly diagnosed with herpes:( Does it get better?

Freshly diagnosed with herpes:( Does it get better?

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hi there and welcome. weather gets any better or not depends on each person. How are you feeling. Outbreaks can Bring people down quite considerably but this is also manageable. emotionally and mentally yes it is hard at first and everyone has the same thoughts and this is completely within your own control about how you let this affect your life. it is important to gain as much information as you can I have to go to herpes. Com and this can help you understand what it means for you and will assist you to move forward.

But do tell how you are

@lisajd All and all I’m alright, this is my very first outbrack, so once it is over I am hoping to be better, but I have lots of worries for what is ahead.

It gets better, but it's never easy telling people.

@MissChief Yeah, I don’t know how I’m going to do that.

You will Be surprise there are people who are Accepting of it. Its nerve racking but you say it as simply as you can. Then wait for their reaction and go from there.

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