Friends Announcing Pregnancy - How to deal?

- Whether it is the first announcement, the tell-tale baby bump or the visit into our office to show off to all - I am happy for my friends who become pregnant, but it brings up my own painful feelings on our ongoing battle with infertility.

How do I get deal with this so I am not shedding tears at these times?


its one of those catch 22 situations that catch us unaware everytime it happens, whilst we are genuinely happy for those that are going to experience the miricle of life we cant help feeling bitter that its not our turn, it tends to reinforce our own sense of failure that everyone but us can have children sadly that isnt true and i only got my children because we adopted

i suggest u arm yourself with a set pattern of speech for these occasions and dont engage more than necessary i use to say something along these lines "so when is the happy arrival" "he/she is a bouncing baby i bet he/she is a joy" that way i could distance myself from all the things i wanted to say but never could because of the tears that would well up id practise saying them out loud so that i could deal with any feelings that occured when the words left my mouth

if it gets too bad dont forget to seek your doctors or a therapists help to deal with this sorrow/pleasure u are experiencing

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)