I am looking for some people that I be friends with on here and that I can relate with, I don't know or have any friends that I know of that self injure and that I can relate with. I have been self injuring for 8 yrs. And about a little over a year I just told my therapist, and she is the only one that know but people know on here too. I want some friends that I can message on here when I am going through a tough time cuz sometimes that's best for me, and sometimes putting it as a discussion or journal is best for me. I self injure for different reasons, one reason is I would rather feel physical pain then emotional pain and I get this relief while I am self injuring, or sometimes I self injure to punish my self and seeing a mark, kinda like a battle wound kinda. I got to the point where when I am not even sad or mad or stressed I am thinking about it, and I just feel like it's normal for me to have a bruise on me or scratches on me. I do want to overcome this but at the sametime I don't want to cuz then I will just have to feel the emotional pain and I just like the relief I feel, I know there is other things I can do but nothing gives me the same relief and I know that it does it get of the problem or issue and its just a temporary relief but then I feel ashamed after I self injure but that being said, I know I said that I want to overcome this but at the sametime I cant see myself stopping any time soon but I am reaching out here to find some friend and supporter on here so I can overcome this and to help me in my recovery. Well of you could message me so I can be friends with you or find my profile and friend me so I can message you when I am going through a tough time. Thanks!


Princess I am 4 9 years old and have been self injuring since my late teens. I self injure for the same reason as u do. Id rather have physical pain to stop the emotional pain or just to feel I am alive. I self injure when I am mad at someone and take the anger out on myself. I have bpd and sometimes I feel so alone. I have a big fammily and still feel all alone. It is difficult for me to maintain friendships too. I will be glad to be ur friend. I am taking a lot of medication and am seeing a psychiatrist. I still think of self injuring when someone hurts me or breaks my heart. I havent self injured for about two and a half months. I am trying to get close to God but am in a relationship that is very difficult because I am unable to feel loveable and my selfesteem is very low. I always think that my partner will betray me. I will gladly be ur friend and maybe we can support eachother through this difficult period in our lives. Thank u for ur post.

Hi there. I too self injure when my emotional pain is so bad that I need a physical release for it just so that i can even feel again. I started about age 10-12 can't quite remember when cause I feel like i have always done it. I am now 43 and it has been a long journey to get where I am. I currently have been 'self injury clean' for about 6 1/2 years. Truthfully the reason it is easier for me now is that although my family does not know ALL of my friends know. It is something I bring up and talk about once I am close to someone. If they can't handle it I don't need them as a friend. Now when I am having a bad day and am feeling the need I can let someone know. I then can make sure I am not alone and have no access to sharps. Even most of my coworkers know about it. Having a great support system that will listen and let you work out your pain in a non physical manner made a huge difference in my life.

feel free to message me any time you need to talk.


The last time I self injured was about three months ago. I feel a lot of pressure not to because my family does not understand. I am also in a relationship where my partner told me if u self injure its over. That makes me very much afraid. I dont want to lose my partner but Im afraid ill fail.

Im 49 and divorced. I started self injury when I was 18 years old. I never had children. My only constant companion is my dog. She loves me undconditionally and does not judge me.

I wish I had good friends like urs.

I dont work so I do not have any friends. That is why i feel so alone with this. My family cannot relate to this.

I am glad that u r doing very well and I think there might be hope for me one day. Now I just try to take things one day at a time.

Thank u for offering ur friendship and support.

Bose2673 and Krisalis thanks so much for replying it means a lot to me. It nice to have people that are friends and supporters that are going through the same thing I am.


I am feeling anxiety right now because of a relationship I am in.

I no self injury is not an option because the person i am in the relationshp in says the relationship will end.

I just dont no about this person. I met this person online and they were online for 8 years before i met them.

I feel hurt when they get online without me but I have to understand that that is where i met them so what can I expect. I am trying to be trusting but it is very difficult.

Pray for me as I am praying for u.


Martha I really don't know about this person either but I will pray for you and thanks for praying for me.