Frist overnightpass ugg excietement mixed with anxiaty

so im doing pretty well in treatment I m seeing thing a lot more clearly then before. I was so excited to get a pass for a home visit I'm visiting a friend which is nice but already my ed voice is stronger then it was at breakfast at treatment. I caught myself trying to plan ways to not eat of to pretend to eat even went as far as dumping my ensure down the sink and filling it with water then the a garbed it at diner so every one think i drank it so when i picked at my plate at diner no one was suspicious this scares me what if this is a sign of whats to come what f i do well when i m in the controlled treatment environment where my food and severing sizes are not left up to me. i hope not i think im worrying plus i m nervous about living without ed any way just i Quick update i know i told you guys about my medical problems i m still having heart arrhythmia's but my blood work has came back last week minus low zinc and calcium very minor so it a great improvement for when i fist got to treatment its amazing how well you body can repair it self in only one month any way just a Quick update i hope every one is fight this ed monster we can do it lot of love leah <3

That is so great to hear you are doing well in treatment! And to hear that your body is normalizing again :) The body is amazing and can bounce back well

Try to fight the ED voice and stay strong! You can do this. Just remember everything you are doing in treatment! And all the progress you are making. Keep your body strong and tell ED to shut up while you visit

I wish you much luck!!! You will do great!