Frustrated because of memory problems . I play music/ used t

Frustrated because of memory problems . I play music/ used to play live , but can’t remember the songs so no more band. Wish I could find a way to remember how the songs go and the way it is to be played.
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Very sorry. Is it something that could be relearned?

i cannot remember it when I try to relearn it. I can play the licks if I can remember were /when they go. Just can’t remember. I will try to break down sections of the chorus parts that repeat them self’s, though the drums have different variations in each section, and see if I can remember those small parts in a song. Carry on my way word son is the song I am going to try and remember as I used to play it in gigs . Of course there are many other songs to relearn or just learn but maybe this tactic will work. So much time has to be spent to relearn things. Frustrating. Plus other life things, wk etc. sigh. One day at a time.

It’s been 12 years since by tbi. I understand the frustration and I’m sorry

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right. It’s been 25 years since mine. Made great progress considering we’re i was as I’m sure you have also. One day at a time.