Frustrated that dizzy spells are back due to stress and anxiety

Like clockwork, my dizzy spells ensue every time my stress and anxiety levels kick up into high gear. One business is getting the better of me, as well as personal stress. I am trying to power through this, but it can be quite crippling at times where I can't feel my hands and feet, as well my head pulsates painfully. I don't know what to do to help myself at this stage. Letting go of one business would remedy a lot in my life, but is this the answer?

You're not alone. I also have tinnitus, which appears to change tone and increase in volume when I am under especially acute emotional stress. It has alerted me several times to an impending vertigo attack, which can be totally disabling in the very worst ways.

EdinNJ, thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your situation with me. I obviously don't want anyone to suffer from dizzy spells, but it's comforting to know that I'm not alone in these symptoms. They come and go, and definitely come when I'm over-worked, exhausted, and over-stressed. Like clock work. They've somewhat subsided and are better than they used to be, because I'm taking better care of myself and trying to work and stress less.

How are you doing and feeling? Is there something that you do/take to help your symptoms when they come on? Thank you!

If you can financially afford to and its affecting your health negatively, why not?

My doctor had to first rule out my possibly having Meniere's Disease, which he did & I don't.

To help prevent a full-fledged disabling attack, my doctor had prescribed antivert tablets, that I keep and only need to take if I feel a seizure coming on.

But please understand that my tinnitus, and probably my resulting vertigo, was due to an explosion in a tightly confined area that I was in.

Have you been checked out by a professional yet? If it's vertigo, the Vestibular Disorders Association can be helpful. They have some local community support groups:
With luck, you may have one not too far away.
In any case, you might still benefit from contact with their national office in Portland, Oregon - just call them at 1-800-837-8428.

Take good care and hope,

- Ed

Hi Ed, thank you so much for sharing your personal situation and for the wonderful advice and guidance. I have been to a doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong. Then I went to a chiropractor/specialist and its slowly making a difference. I still get dizzy spells and tightening in the back of my head when I'm under a lot of stress, but I'm also working on lessening my work and stress.

Thank you again so much!