i jst moved back from florida i was there for three months i lickily found a job down there with in 2 weeks of moving in but now that im back in new york ive spent days filling out applications and im jst not getting any call getting soo aggrivated i have no money and no i have my parents on my case about not having a job..its giving me serious anxiety and depression cuz i feel worthless loosing motivation

Jlynn123 ... it's still tough out there. Also, this a week with a holiday in it and that means employers are not as productive. People generally hold off on the interviewing process and/or replying to candidates until after the holiday.

Please know that you are not worthless. The market is really competitive out there. It is tough for everyone.

What sort of job are you looking for? Are you using the Internet to submit resumes? Are you looking at NYS DOL website?

Please do not let this get you down. You will find work. :)

I am so sorry for ur frustration . Thank god u have ur parents. I lost a good job cuz my manager witch hunted me. I wake everyday in pain my field once excellent is in the crapper. I send out 8ish resumes a day online cuz that is the only way most empolyers will take a resume. My phone is dead silent. I drink too much which is expensive n I must stop but I'm having trouble coping.

I cry and hold my guniea pigs not knowing what will happen to us. I can't believe someone did this to me because somehow they did not like me over something crazy. Crazy ***** took my dreams and tore me up.

The market is terrible in my field. I will habve to relocate if I'm lucky enough to get a job. I'm afraid of being cold this winter

May god help us. I am thinking of school again but I'm not young and it will b a terrible economic hardship and then that field my bottom out too

God help us all