Get myself centred - then jump into the fire again

Today I did some positive journaling and centred myself in what is mine and was feeling positive. So I thought I will call husband to say hello as he is at work. In that conversation he began nagging me about something that we had agreed was his job this week.

I have gone from positive, to eye brows wrinkled and what the heck.

We have not been talking much lately, and I am having no success being detached when it comes to him. I am thinking he is trying to keep us in a negative place...the last time it was like this it built up to an argument where I told him to get out. This has been a pattern for years, and I think it is coming again. He would not leave voluntarily, though he will create situations so that I tell him to leave, so that he can say "She kicked me out".

Am sick and tired of the games, and I wish I knew how to communicate with him and have him communicate back with me.

Light Blue, since this has been a pattern for years and you clearly want to make this work, would you consider seeing a marriage counselor together at this time? I think that if communication is clearly not working with the two of you and its been this way for an extended period of time, then having a professional give you proper guidance could be the answer. Though, please know that we are here to "listen" and help you through this in any way that we can.