Get your kids to like veggies

good tips to get kids to eat well:

"Kid's meals should be quick, delicious and nutritious. Getting children to eat vegetables is a major task. Finding a way to get vegetables into the mouths of little ones is simple when they are involved in the fun. Coming up with creative ways to get kids involved in the preparation and the cooking of kids' recipes is part of the fun. Child friendly recipes will allow you the peace of knowing your children are eating healthy and the kids will enjoy being in control of what they are being fed.

Take your little ones shopping with you. Allow them to choose the fruits and vegetables that they like. This is usually the best way even with children as young as 4 years old. Children can learn to eat healthier when they participate in the cooking and the shopping for the family.

Children adore color. Even with food, kids will first look, smell, and finally taste. So a variety of color in meals is great. Eating a mixture of foods greatly improves the chances of getting all the nutrients you and your family require for your best health."

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fun tips! to be honest i have a hard time keeping up with veggies so i could use this on myself.