Getting back into working out Suggestions?

So, once upon a time, whilst bed ridden with a neurological problem of some sort, I gained allot of weight. At my peek, I was 380 pounds.

That was 5 years ago. I am now at 260, and having been off the workout bandwagon for about 4 months due a pelvic floor disorder, I am pleased to say I have been to Anytime, and have been logging about an hour a visit doing cardio.

After the second trip, I need a couple days to let my right knee heal up a little(my knee caps slide around) and am now good to go.

Looking for support, and advice as to how to stick with it, how to keep it fun and interesting.

Neue - the best thing to remember is how you feel after you workout and let that motivate you. also talk to your doctor about what you can do and how often since you have knee pain. also carve out workout time in your calendar. if you put it in the calendar on the “to do” it makes it more important. good luck with your workout and congrats on losing so much weight so far.