Getting back up

yesterday was a really low day for me. i binged throughout the day. by 9:00pm i reached a place that ive been for the second time. so full that i thought i was going to die. i was over the toilet crying, in pain. meanwhile my dad and his girlfriend were downstairs. they have no idea! im about ready to give up. i cant live like this anymore. i dont see my doctor until feb 14th. any suggestions on how to pull myself back up?? appreciate everyones help.

Hey there, when you sense a binge comming on, grab a bottle of water, drink the whole thing and wait 5 mins-theb ask urself if you are truly hungry. Its helped with me a bit as usually during a binge I'm not really hungry I just want food period; the water signals to my brain that I'm actually not hungry and the binge either doesn't happen or is minimal.

thank you Gina. I will try that when I next feel like binging. Right now though I seem to have had the urge to binge on and off since I got home from work yesterday. Its like every time I eat now, I can't stop until I totally stuffed. Im too full to go and workout and Im worried about the weight gain.