Getting over hearltbreak

Can you truly get over heartbreak of someone you loved?. I fell in love with someone but pulled away because i was scared. He moved on with someone and says he’s glad things didnt go farther than they did. Says he want to be friends, wants to know if i can forgive him one but blocked any sort of contact. I’m heartbroken because he did stuff that a past relationship did. I dont know how to heal from this

I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve been in love for 43 years with the man God Intended for me to live my life with. He crosses my path every so often. We both know we were to be together. I miss him everyday. No the love for us never dies. I’ve got him set aside in my heart where he belongs. I couldn’t get him to budge out of there, so I figure mide as well leave him in there in a place he will still always be. I don’t fight it Ive just accepted it.