Givers have to learn

givers have to learn....

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Indeed they do. Got to take care of themselves.

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@WindSong1983 agree we do need to take are of ourselves :slight_smile:

Love the quote

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@Jleesanchez07 I agree I love it too :slight_smile:

So true! Needed that...Thanks :)

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@UC your welcome happy it helps :slight_smile:

You got that right Angel, mine's still taking even though I'm not there anymore.

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@turbulence once a taker always a taker :slight_smile:

@angelgirl12 The givers always seemed to be left with shi**** end of the stick! The takers are holding the Prize! Yes "givers have to learn to set limits, because takers don't have any."I love this! We givers have to learn! Please LEARN SG Friends! You can't be giving, and giving all the time! And hurting, and hurting all the time! While other are only taking! .....You have to stopped, and start Learning! Be strong the best is yet, to follow.... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Thanks angel for an eye- opening post. Hugs my friend.

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@Irma Good advice that I am learning and living now

For me, this like so much of my perspective of life, is all about beautiful balance. I will be brave and determined enough to keep giving, trusting, loving, yet...I will also as I have always done cut from my life with surgical precision those that would do me harm. I will live beautifully as myself, giving, knowing in the end, the takers surely end up with nothing of true value. While I dared, to have it all.

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@Sir_Eric_of_Weird awesome that is a great way to be. :slight_smile:

Thank you my good friend Angelgirl12! I agree 100%!

I wish I could figure out how to do this. I am running out of pieces of me to give

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@thehiddenfriend It may not be easy or comfortable for you to do this, but you can do it I am sure. Take it one step, taker, at a time. :slight_smile: