Giving yourself credit is absolutely essential for enhancing

GIVING YOURSELF CREDIT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL FOR ENHANCING YOUR RECOVERY EFFORTS: Do you have a tendency to focus on the negative, often berating yourself for everything you do wrong? To contradict this tendency, you need to give yourself credit for everything your doing right. Tell yourself "good job!" or make other positive self-comments when you do the slightest thing right. Let's say that you began to eat an unplanned piece of chocolate. You could say that you blew it again and that you're disgusted with yourself, but your healthy self might have you saying, "Great job! Instead of continuing to eat more chocolate and sliding into a full binge, you stopped." Again, "Great job!" If you've had more of your share of loosing weight disasters, tried everything from self-help books to therapy without recovery, you probably have a low self-esteem issue. By focusing on self-congratulations, you begin elevating your positive feelings about yourself which is bringing your healthy self into action. A TIP: Create a "credit account." Each time you give yourself a "well done!" form of self congratulation, place a dollar or whatever coinage you deem appropriate with your financial situation in a storage container. For instance for the next 90 days, if you are able to place a dollar in your piggy bank each time you give yourself a congratulation, it will cause you to have an increased focus for this idea and at the end of 90 days, you're going to have a nice financial reward to enjoy however you choose to spend it. Self congratulation is a powerful tool for your recovery. Please use it.

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I could not agree more, I mean, how much time have I wasted not loving me, yeah, I still don't like this and that, but this is the body I am in, this is me, enough time wasted!

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