Going back 5 months ago was when I fell off the wagon and s

Going back 5 months ago was when I fell off the wagon and started eating more. And then I started binging really bad. I’ve gained so much weight and because I’m short it really shows. Now that It’s spring break, this is my chance to be around my nieces.
So either I avoid them and hide because I’m fat or I say oh well and just deal with it. Because I want that time.
So I have a great video of us playing basketball but I look fat which is crazy. Fatter! Lol.. but the good part about this is that I’ll have my comparison video. Because I have every intention of being a lot smaller again and I’ll be able to look back and compare.

I know it doesn't really help for someone else to say this, but I am sure you look beautiful thicker or thinner. Your nieces probably don't even notice and are just glad for your love and attention. I do understand though wanting to look good for yourself and feeling confident in your own body.

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@CKBlossom yeah… and I agree with you. I had so much fun with my 7 yr old , almost 8, niece. Too much! Lol
I am a big kid!
I taught her how to roller skate and remember that Hula hoop thing?
She is a hula hoop machine! She mastered that … I could never figure it out ! Still can’t…

So … today is starting out good… I start my day late because I stay up most of the night. I often do 24 to 28 hrs at a time because I can’t sleep.

I am posting on weight loss and y’all can too so we can support each other.
The weather is Beautiful now ! Spring has sprung … my favorite time of year…
getting one gallon of lemon honey water in today is my goal.

And how are you doing?