Going back to my old envrionment

I have been in an outpatient recovery program for 22 days now. I have been staying with my mom and step-dad for support as they do not drink. I live alone and that is one of the reasons I drank so much. There was no one to tell me I was drinking too much and I got a little bit lonely. I am going home on Saturday and I am a little anxious about it. There are many triggers there obviously because that is where I did most of my drinking. I am going to do a little redecorating to try to change the atmosphere a little. Also joined a gym so I can workout after work instead of plop on the couch with a glass of wine. Has anyone else been through this experience or can anybody share any ideas on how to handle this change of going back to my old envrionment? Thanks for any responses.

I really feel the best thing you can do is change everything you can about your apartment. get ya a pen and paper and write down all the changes you can and/or would like to make. Move the funiture around. make it so you can get as much sunlight as possable..get some plants, things that you can take care of that are alive..so to speak....do it up your way with all the things that you like and can bring a smile to your face. Make it a place that you now look forward to spending time in instead of dreading it. The gym is a great idea and we hope the weather will start being warm more often to where you can spend a good bit of your evenings outside. Believe it or not but you can find alot of cute and pretty things at dollar stores that can really dress up and change a place....to turn it into "your happy place" lol.....and congrads on the progress youve made and good luck to you.....keep us updated!!!!

The gym is a great idea I use to releive my stress I hope it will do the same for u take advantage of the fitness programs they have to offer. I do know how u feel I spent alot of time drinking alone although I just started my recovery I think posting and keeping in contact with this group will help alot. Weight lifting increases ur levels of dopamine ankind of natural high and as u see the progression in ur fitness levels he more u will want it. Hope this helps alittle if u need any advice keep posting people r here to help

Thanks for sharing, you're gonna do fine as long as you keep that up! Sometime in the first couple months of my sobriety it dawned on me that I was happy and that I WANTED to stay sober. Then the fear became that I would lose my sobriety; it felt very fragile and awkward. My sponsor told me to work the steps, that "the time will come when the only thing that stands between you and a drink will be your higher power". He was right, that time did come, and IT worked! But that is not this story. At that point in my recovery his statement only added to my terror of losing my sobriety; I knew there was a "God"; he had his "Chosen People" and I was most definately on the black list, NOT one of them.

Obviously I am still here; now I have come to learn that there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can make me take a drink today if I stand vigilant on my "desire to stop drinking/using" (the only requirement for membership) AND allow step 2 to happen by surrender in step 1. "I" can't stay sober. Look for Your Higher Power in the people, places and things that have carried you this far. Keep coming back, you will be contacted if you haven't already. Peace & love, don't forget to share your blessings....

Hey Marina~
I also began drinking abusively when I lived alone. One thing that has helped me is to phone a sober friend when I am tempted. It can be a close friend, someone from your AA group or even your Mom, if that is appropriate. I set it up in advance with these people, letting them know that I will call during these moments. I don't dwell on the fact that I am being tempted during the call. I simply say that I am having 'one of those moments that we talked about.' Then I ask how they are doing and stop focusing on me. We share about work, hobbies, family, food..whatever! When I am feeling more peaceful, I thank them for their time and support.
Take what you need and leave the rest. Keep coming back!~Me

i can understand your fear. in my case my fear was also being alone so i kept busy going meetings and being with friends, working of course. come to find out that my fear of being alone was the fear of being alone with me and all the pain and craziness of my drinking life hence my opinion would be to do more work on you rather than on your apartment. just my experience and what worked for me. i was so busy taking care of all the outside stuff when it was the inside stuff that had gotten me drinking in the first place. what ever works hun...good luck and as was posted earlier be happy your not drinking and want your sobriety more than anythiing else

Hope all is going well just wanted to remind u r not alone. Keep posting stay strong. Together we can all overcome
God bless

Oh yes ... I'm on day 19 ... I changed my room around and bought couple new pieces of clothes .. Lots of tea and deep breaths .. Gym also ... Stay focused on my recovery and allowing myself to engage in social situations with virgin cocktails and leaving after an hour keep moving .. I'm tired now by 10 pm up early every day and ling walks .. Chatting to sober people ... Abusing our bodies for so long I realise I'm very tired and weary ... Good books also .. I barely read before ... Now it's time to relax ... Lots of people do !! And I notice lots of people don't drink also it's just your so used to it .. And I assumed I needed it to be social and fun ... Bollocks ... Not needed now and happy having a break from my chaotic life I made ...

great books to get if you don’t know about them already is an aa big book and a 12 and 12. golden books chock full of lovely sobriety. you sound like i was in the respect i was up early buzzing about all day keeping busy. do you work hun? i did and boy did i work. i was always high strung but sober, look out i could have lit the city of new york with all the excitement/anxiety. i’m looking forward to following your recovery i hope you continue to share it with us. thanks hun

Thank you all so much for your responses, advice and encouragement!! I am so glad that I joined this site. Just getting your responses made my day and made me feel better. I am going shopping tomorrow to buy some new items for my apartment and I've been going to the gym after my outpatient classes which is helping me both physically and mentally. It does reileve a lot of stress and I can think about more positive things.
Thank you again for your support and I want to be there for you and anybody else that needs support. I am a newbie at this but my knowledge of this disease and its effects is growing. I will keep posting on my status and please keep posting yours. I believe it is going to be sooo helpful for all of us in the long run.

one alcoholic sharing with another, thats how recovery begins and continues…thanks to all

Keep us informed glad u r doing well keep up with the good things in life.new can all do his together I feel like u do these posting reaaly do help just saying something is a great escape for me. Keep working out .

wow that made me so happy to see your post ... i'm in the same boat man ... i really get it ... one day at a time ...and with a clear mind life falls into place ... my anxiety has def lifted ... my heart used to race pounding and i couldn't deal with normal situations with out freaking out ... everyone says how well i look and relaxed .. i was full throttle before on drink and drugs ... its not a good look as you get older either .... this site has been helping me alot also ... just type down some feelings ..reading other's ... the NA meetings ive been going to are very similar ..so keep up the good work ... its takes some work .. but its so worth it ... i'm reaping the benefits already ..... x

Good morning hope all is well.

Went over to my apartment today and cleaned out the fridge to prepare to restock tomorrow. Felt okay, but I didn't have a chance to settle in to see how it is really going to feel. That will come Sat. Not as nervous as I was a couple of days ago for some reason. Hope all of you are doing well.