Going cold turkey

Okay, so in my last post I mentioned my laxative abuse and some of the posts have scared me into motivation.
I do NOT want to get cancer, suffer from ulcers or IBS. And I'm SICK of letting bowel movements control my mood. I'm SICK of gas pains, and bloating from the laxatives and I just want to be normal.
I think I'll make a doctors appointment about it too, to get checked out to see if I have any stomach issues from it....I know, especially at times when I've abused the laxatives a lot, I get a pain after I eat in my right side sometimes, and it only feels better when I press really hard and massage it...but it makes a loud liquidy, squishy sound :\ ...is that bad?

I always find some sort of excuse to not do this. Either I'm struggling with my ED more than normal and it would make things more difficult for my mind, or something I'm doing is coming up and I don't want to be uncomfortable. BUT SCREW IT! I have my gold belt grading this Saturday, and I may be in discomfort and be bloated but it will be worth it to know I'm getting better. And I've done my research and apparently exercise helps with digestion anyways.

So...any tips? Any foods that would be helpful for me? I know I need to drink LOTS of water, which isn't a problem since I already do. I heard prunes are a bad choice though, because they have an bowel irritant in them, and if I start relying on them it will start to become like the laxative again.
Is Metamucil or benefibre a good thing to use for fiber? Or should I stick to other things?
All of my bread and cereals are already whole grain, and my favorite granola bars are kashi, and I know they have lots of whole grains too. I also love blueberries and mixing them in my yogurt, and I know blueberries are good for digestion as well... and yogurt has good bacterias, so I've got some basics. But any other recommendations?

My other fear is I read there is some weight gain...AH! That will be a hard one to cope with for sure.
Some people say it has taken them up to 4 months of bloating to get back on track....I hope that's not the case for me.
My mother suffers from IBS in that she is CONSTANTLY going to the bathroom, and so I don't know if maybe I'm prone to bad digestion anyways? Because I started getting problems with digestion and bowel movements BEFORE my ED.

Ah! I'm so overwhelmed right now.

Paige xoxo

paige let me assure you will NOT gain ANY weight from stopping laxatives--nothing! you might go through a BREIF period of uncomfortable feeling--but nothing bad---really ... trust me and let me be the first to congradulate you on this paige--as i was also very very addicted to laxatives.
the frist thing i want to do is ease you of your worries and say you probably have nothing wrong. but if YOU feel you have trouble with regularity --go see a doctor. i did paige and it made a world of difference. really. but as long as you stop i would not worry about it.
ok as far as the deit recommendatin--you are doing good so far---as i would also say---yogurt, ACIDIFILLOUS, PROBIOTICS,any fruit or veggie, whole grain, eggplant,papaya , ENZYMES( YOU CAN BUY THEM AT HEALTH FOOD STORES) GREEN JUICE, VEGGIES, SALAD, CABBAGE, BEETS, ANY VEGGIE REALLY.....SPINACH

basically anything with fiber--or enzymes will help and water and lemon juice also helps.

i hope this helps as you are on the right track

good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maureen you are truly a goddess and I worship the ground you walk on ♥
I am much less "freak out" then I was about an hour ago, and I'm starting to accept the idea and embrace it. I feel kind of powerful actually, because around this time of the day I would take a couple pills and guess what? I'm not! I'm choosing NOT to because I don't HAVE to. It' feels strange, but in a good way.

I hope my motivation stays like this
Thank you so much again :)
Paige xoxo

hahahahahahaha–ok that was so sweet—LOL and cute! that was the sweetest thing paige–thanks! this is realy wonderful you are doing this paige–you will see difference as you will also see you will feel healthier for you will be getting more nutrients through your foods as they will not be–well, going out! ha

this is amazing paige–im so happy you are doing this. you need to celebrate—see when i do something to conquer the ED i think it is good to reward yourself.

CONGRATS and good luck! you ll do great!

and also some other fruits to look into-apples pears apricots, grapes raisins, oranges, pineapples, peaches , plums, lentils , beans, FAVA beans, any veggies and really most any fruit. oh and maybe green tea or peppermint tea or ginger.

again if you are still having troubles a doc might help…

thanks so much paige --you re a doll!


Congrats on the decision, and congrats on going it cold turkey! That takes some serious guts, girlfriend! I admire you more than I can say, just from what I know of you on this site, and I'm rooting for you--you've got this!

Great decision! I also wanted to add, ground milled flaxseed is easy to add to oatmeal or nearly anything and it has great healthy fats- Omega 3 and 6's and is a great source of fiber to help with regularity. Take care, you have a ton of support to help you, come back here when you feel the urge to use!

Yes, this is really exciting, you should feel so good about your decision. No doubt this will be challenging so you will likely want to relapse and use them again at some point (or at many points). Just remember that wanting to go back to damaging behaviors is normal. But just because you want to revert does not mean you will. They key is that you don't do it. Whenever you are tempted, ask yourself the most important question - WHY do you want to do this. The emotion behind the behavior is what causes you do to this so honor and listen to the feeling. Allow yourself to be healthy and become in touch with the true reasons why you hurt yourself.

Good luck! Feel so proud that you have chosen to love yourself and take care of yourself. That is huge!

Thank you everyone :) TrueImage your words are very kind, and lizg I understand where you're coming from. I think it will start off much the same as I stopped purging, but I believe I can push through.
I'm feeling really good about this decision right now and I know if I feel this strong now, that I can do it!

Surrender: Do you know what aisle I might find flax seed in (ie. what other foods it would be near)? I've heard about its digestive benefits before, but I remember trying it once in a friend's strawberry yogurt and thought it was really gross. But I'll give it another go :)

I'm glad to know I have everyone's support on here. It makes things so much easier in my mind :)

Paige xoxo

So I am sure what stores are available to you but I have found the flax in the aisle where the vitamins and protein powders are at whole foods. I think you can find them at other health food stores or perhaps in the baking aisle?? The milled flax might be easier to use and less of a strong flavor. I do like the nutty flavor so it is easy for me, but I have found if I put it in something hot like oatmeal or soup I cannot taste it at all. :slight_smile:

This is such a big deal! I am so excited and i think you should should definitely celabrate!

Hi Paige,

Manyyyyyyyyyyyyy years ago I had my bought with laxatives - it last about 6-9 months. I ended up stopping b/c I blacked out one night for taking so many - and it was only about 8 or 9!! I know some people take 50-100 so I guess my tolerance was really low. Luckily my then husband was there to help me. It was pretty scary.

Now I still suffer from all sorts of constipation issues and quite honestly nothing seems to work for me - I eat VERY healthy with lots of fresh fruits/veggies/oat/bran, etc.. and water. Occasionally I have to use a tea to actually go...

I went to see numerous doctors and they also say take Metamucil (which doesn't work)... in fact everything they've recommended doesn't work.

They wanted to prescribe me medication but I didn't want to be on any medications. I feel like I've destroyed my body enough and don't want to tax it with anything else foreign and potentially toxic...

Anyway, sorry I'm not really coming up with a solution but just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I will research the notes I took from several Dr.'s visits and post them here later this week.

Keep your head up.


I am so happy to hear that you are quitting this habit! And Cold turkey! I hope everything goes well. You will do great and we all support you all the way :)


You are making an incredibly strong and scary move but I am so proud you realize that it's not good. I too am struggling with laxative abuse so I can totally relate. You can do this girl!!!! Stay strong :) Sonrisas

Paige..sorry I'm just now getting involved...busy day coming back from vacation.
I am so proud of you for making this decision, and for declaring it publicly...you go!
I abused laxatives off and on for over 30 years...and my body is now completely normal, on it's own...hurray!!
It was hard giving it up, and I had to give them over to the director at my treatment center four times before I finally was able to tough it out. It really doesn't take your body that much time to normalize if you stick it out.
You may actually experience some temporary water retention after stopping the laxatives, and this is because the laxatives have a dehydrating effect, taking the water from your organs and such, so when you stop, you may retain that water for a short time...but not forever. So, a small weight gain will only be temporary. Maybe you don't need to weigh yourself...:)
Everyone has suggested some good foods to keep your system regular. Please remember though, that you can overdo this, and fruits and vegetables are great, but if you substitute them for more calorie dense foods, you could be in trouble also.
Once your body begins to normalize, and balanced meal plan should be plenty to keep you regular. Drinking plenty of water is very good also.
Good luck, and hang in there...keep writing during those tough days...and any other time! :)
Jan ♥

trail-blazer, paige...

amazing are you for embarking on this journey. i know that the universe will bless you as your discomfort eases and as you regain a part of your life back.

i'm holding your hand...

Thank you everyone for all your support and wishes! It makes me feel so much stronger and gives me a lot more motivation :)

Paige xoxo