Going Insane?

This is really hard to admit, but I've been noticing lately that I have more and more symptoms that are like OCD. When I eat, i have to eat exactly on the hour. If I can't, then I have to wait until the next hour. I also need to have a certain number of bites, no more and no less. I've never been diagnosed with OCD and I don't really have any symptoms that relate to anything other than food. Is this common to people with an ED? Or am I just going insane?

ED's can bring out underlying mental disorders (depression, OCD, etc). I've had OCD for about 5 years, however for me, it has no relationship to my ED. I dont have certain rituals such as the ones you describe. But I suppose the OCD does come into play with regards to my exercise habits. But yeah, def bring it up to your doctor. OCD is a treatable condition.

I agree with Lilac. Since being anorexic, I've been diagnosed with anxiety, deep depression and PTSD. I am a little OCD myself, just not with food. I feel compelled to just clean and have no clutter anywhere. If someone moves something I go and move it back....so if you are insane then so am I!


I kinda think ED's are OCD in itself... ED's (at least mine) is an obsessive compulision.