Going to hosptial

Well, my friends, I am sure you know of my bout with this hideous stomach pain /naseua ive been dealing with for 3 weeks now...

This morning I started to get a sharp pain on my left side---that got way worse when i ate, so that I was doubled over. It was then I thought---I need to go to the ER. This is going on too long and the doctor wont have the results till Monday. This is just crazy. I feel embarrassed by this, like a nuisance, a total burden to others. I feel like--I should sooo be over this by now, and I am not so I am a failure and I am bothering people. I feel so sad and hopeless...and --in pain...

I just don't get this at all. I just want to live again. Screw my weight, I just want to be alive, you know??

So, I am going to get ready and go to the hospital which is stressful and embarrassing all in itself. ughhh.....

wish me well!

Love all of you,


Get better SOON honey, let us know what the doctors findings are. I hate hospital stays & it always put a different perspective on life for me UGH.....

All my strengths


Good luck Maureen!! I hope they know howto help. Get better soon :)

Thinking of you

Maureen , I am so sorry to hear about your pain. They will take care of you at the er . I will say a prayer for your healing. Be happy, it will be ok. I would like to hear good news later on when toyu get back on here. HUG, a compassionate friend, Johnnyb.

I will be praying for you Maureen. I am glad you are going to the hospital.


Listening to your body and seeking help is an important act of self-care. :) I'm thinking of you, dear! Please take good care, and let us know how you're doing. :)



I'm glad that you decided to go to the hospital. This has gone on far too long! Please let us know when you find out what's going on....thinking of you...Jan ♥

Thinking of you, too. Keep us posted...

Hi Maureen,

I have not been on this site in a few weeks but I just logged on and read your post. I am so sorry to hear about your pain and very proud of you for going to the hospital. I wish you did not feel like you were burdening others because of this and you should not feel embaressed.

The same thing happened to me twice last year. The first time I was at a work event and entertaining out of town guests. I felt so bad telling anyone I was in pain, especially because my guests came from out of town so I stuck it out and kept a smile on my face so no one would be burdened by me. I ended up in the ER that night because the pain was so unbearable I could not move. A few months later, I had a party at my house and the pain came back. Just like before, I was more worried about my guests so I kept a smile on my face, filled everyone's glasses with wine and then ended up doubled over in my bed upstairs. We had a doctor friend at the party, I finally allowed her to look at me and she insisted I go to the ER.

I am ok now and have not had the pain since March.

I hope you are ok too and they can figure out what is wrong with you.

More than that, I hope you can realize that you are a person worthy of care. You are so giving and care so much about others. I think you should turn some of that gift you have to care inward and allow yourself to feel cared for. You truly deserve it.

Keep us posted!

thank soo much lizg, yes i should care for myself…it is important…and thanks so much for your love and encouragment…
yes it is hard playing there is nothign wrong and it is liek, hard to bring attention to myself. i dont like that, but you are right, it is needed…

thanks so much hon

i totally understand the "embarassing" aspect of telling a physician. i've only told 2 physicians about my bulimia and they simply can't believe it ...nor do they get how bad it is. i think they think i b/p like several times a month AND they don't know that i SHOP to binge...

i feel so humiliated to tell them this as i'm in a profession where people wouldn't have this issue.

anyways, best of luck to you - pls keep us posted.

Mmmmm… I don’t think there IS a profession without people with eating disorders… :heart: Shame shrouds our behaviors and thoughts in a veil of secrecy. You are not alone! :slight_smile:

Keep writing!



oh dear freinds, you are all wonderful and keeping me alive through my extreme sadness now--

went to the ER---sigh, sigh---found nothing

now i jsut feel soooo weird here, like what IS going on and will they find what is happening to me or i will jsut suffer like this forever? i already have arthritis in my joints, and if this is going to always be, how will i function in life? i do not know...i am so scared they wont fidn out what is wrong with me ---and that this wil get really really bad. i feel so----ughhhh helpless here...

ok--BUT i do go see my doctor tomorrow and he is soo caring, so i think he will help me. In the ER they do NOT know you and are dismissive....so, i cant really count on that as an answer, you know? My doctor was the one who told me to go to the hosptial and ordered tests, so that was good. the thing is they came back normal EXCEPT i have an enlarger ovary and fibriods( they also did a GYN exam. i knew i had fibriods before but it seems now there are 29small ones) and an enlarged ovary. they said it is most likely normal, but to get it looked at. they said it was not anything to worry about, though. so i learned abotu that but did not find the answer to my problem.

so i will see monday. i get test results on monday. GOD, i hope they find somehting they can fix here... this is all too weird. i just had an endoscopy/ colonoscopy 3 months ago---all was fine, im so desperate i would opt for a re-check. sounds weird, but at this point ---i dont care.

he is great and caring , so im gonna put faith in him and hopes he finds what is going on. i really cant take this.

i am so happy to have you as freinds as you all give amazing support...

i hope this gets fixed

thank you all,

love you



Honey, I sooooo hope you find out the problem!!! I suffered for a long while with pain in my right side. I went to the ER twice thinking I had an appendix issue. Turned out I didn't and they never found out what was wrong with me. It is a horrible, horrible feeling when you feel something really wrong and all the 'professionals' tell you there is nothing wrong. I began to think that I was just making it all up, like it was just in my head.

I will be praying for you my dear.
Hugs and lots of love to you

yeah it soo sucks when they cant figure it out. i see my doc tomorrow and geez i sooo hope he canhelp me with this but i am scared.

thanks so much shanna,


I hope you feel better...thank you for letting us all know that you are home. Take it easy....thinking of you!!
Jan ♥

I am glad everything checked out but so sad there are still no answers.

Keeping you in my prayers!


Glad you're home, friend. :) Is it possible that the GYN issues could be causing your pain? It seems likely to me... ??

Get some good rest, sweetie. I know your doc will help you feel better. ;0)



Hi Maureen: I am so sorry the ER did not find anything, but I think Gen might be right; it could be endometriosis or something in the ovarian area; that can be quite painful. And in combo with your IBS, maybe that's what is causing the pain. Thinking of you and praying that your doctor can help you. Take care

oh guys wow--- i meant 2 uterine fibroids, not 29!!! hahaha , sorry typo... ha, wow 29 would be a problem, but yes i wil see a gyno soon, they told me to check it out. and im sure while it might not be the cause--but adding to the problem and also the swelling in my abdomen...

i disinfected the bathroom last week and my fiancee disenfected it again today---it seems there was black mold on the cutting board! wow! could --it be , that maybe??? i dont know... hmmm certainly a possibilty... though...i mean, the house is always so clean and thourogh, just that one thing was like, hmmmm i wonder if i am getting sick of that...but still not sure and we will see. my fiancee threw it out, though.

it seems the IV made me stronger today...so that good , stomach still hurting ---i cant wait for monday.

but something told me to think about what I could be INGESTING that could be causign this hell....

thanks so much you guys for your amazing love and support... you all make it so much easier on me and are all wonderful amazing...

thanks so much for giving me the strength through this.

love and hugz