Good day people. i am compelled to start this topic because

good day people.
i am compelled to start this topic because it's monday and i'm grumpy as hell.
yes i'm older than most here. at age 65, my body hurts, my medical #'s indicate i have cancer, and and and...

GETTING OLD IS NOT FOR THE TIMID AND SUX's! Whoever said "Golder Years" can go pound sand!!!

there will be so many "Younger Folks" who will feel their lives are over, then won't have a normal life, BLA BLA BLA! WELL, **** YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T NOW**** and i am speaking to you from your future!

you WILL have a normal life! your life will be what is intended for you! your life will be normal for YOU!

okay, enough of monday's Rant. i want all of your to read a Mantra/Poem i know ***TRY*** to live by and i am trying to ***LIVE FOR TODAY***. i shall NOT focus on the future or dwell in the past!
i will accept whatever comes as ***MEANT TO BE*** and is my written journey to accept and swallow... it is now my life until i drop dead.

i will post the poem next.

@Que51 and @Ruth555
this poem is for "Us" and those like us, and the rest:

The poem is as follows:
You are just right as you are...your face, your body, your name...
Your social position, wealth, parents, children
Are just right for you.
Your happiness and unhappiness, joy and sorrow,
Are just right for you.
Your life has been neither good nor bad...
It has been just right for you.
Whether you go to the Pure Land or fall into hell,
That place is best suited to you.
Don't think highly of yourself,
But don't belittle yourself either...
There is neither above nor below...
Even the time and place of your death,
Is just right for you.
How can it not be just right
When lived in the world of naturalness.
-Goromatsu Miyakawa

this poem reflects the poet's understanding of the Nembutsu
Take care,

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thanks so much! sometimes i feel like a broken record here, and ponder whether i should just “Step Down”…
at this stage of my life, i’m burnt out. lost a lot of passion for the things i used to do, so my energy level is all but gone.

as each day approaches, i will adjust my sails accordingly and hopefully go with the flow.

to those reading this ~ what does this post have to do with HSV? i’m trying to convey how trivial HSV is in the big picture of life.

it’s how i see it in my “Tough Love” kinda way…

my journey continues…

@a_survivor Thank you so much for always been there for us, just exactly today 2 months ago I walked in your shoes and you have no idea how positively your support has impacted me.

You have been helping so many people like me for so long and I'll always appreciate that.
I'll pray hoping everything go well to you and that all your health issues go away so we'll be able to see more of you.

Thank you so much for existing :))

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your kind words give me inspiration to continue!

thanks again!