Good day today hope for better tomorrow

well, ive had a descent day finally! Tomorrow I start the withdrawl process.... Im very apprehensive about it. Im mentally in a place to do it. I feel the pills are a major contributing factor to alot of my other issues. Im not in full control of myself. I want to be more than anything, I can fix my other problems if im ME. I know my jingy supports me fully, she wants me to be me. I listen to Let Me Be Myself and cry almost every time. Anger is a state of mind, one that I know i can control. Ive felt for so long that I have almost none, I am no control freak. I just like pretending that I have some. LOL....

My parental issues are out of my control. That I know for fact. I give up on them completly. If they want to be part of my life they can come to me.

My ex issues.. well, shes a nutty bi**h, nothing i can do there either. My kids, well, they dont want anything to do with me. Lots of my doing, yes, but it is what it is. They will eventually understand.

My anger issues, I can control. Without the numbing affect of the pills. I cant seem to feel good, ive read pills have that affect. I know there is light. I just have issues seeing it, in my currents state of mind. That I have control of.

Thanks for letting me go on and on......
pray for me, and my strenght to hold on...
support my efforts to keep on....



im sooooooooooo happy for u

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Good for you wkzeigler on making the decision to stop. Will you be attending any support meetings like NA for help? Just remember to take it a day at a time and that it will get better. Keep sharing with us on how you are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

I wish you a slow and thoughtful recovery! You'll do swell!

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