Good days and bad days

I notice some days are worse than others. Some days I don't feel the HOCD attacking me. Some days it coms on strong. I think stress is a huge factor. Iam gonna see my old psychologist on Thursdat,so he can send me to a OCD specialist. I have so many other health problems,plus economic problems,that I can feel that the HOCD will just get worse if I don't get help. I believe with treatment tere is hope to conquer HOCD. If it wasn't in is before,if those thoughts weren't there before,then they can be getting rid of. Iam 36 years old and have only dated women my whole life,sex with women,long term relationships. I can't believe iam dealing with this now. Its ruining my life but I most have faith in God that it will go away. I pray for all of you here as well. We can't let our minds,which are corrupted by OCD,let our minds win. We must take action and control

You are in my prayers. Have faith, say a prayer when you can and God bless you.