Good evening, I'm new to this group so here goes. I had surg

Good evening, I'm new to this group so here goes. I had surgery in November to remove a Retroperitoneal Mass and I was blessed that things went better to be expected. It is now two months plus after my surgery and things are starting to get back to a new normal, but at times I feel like I need to talk to someone. In this day and age with social media we didn't really say a lot to friends about this since we were told so many different things that could or would happen I kept a small group of close friend informed, but since the surgery I was sure if people wanted to hear about that I was able to for example build a snowman with my kids which I wasn't able to do in a very long time or not. It may seem small potatoes to some or not. I've started to keep a journal about how I'm feeling and how things are going since they removed this mass which was 10"x6"x2" and weighted about 2 lbs and was classified as cancer only due to it size not that it had any cells which was a major blessings. But I've had this mass for at least two year from a scan and was told that I could have had this for much longer due to the size of the mass. There are just days that I find myself just wanting to talk to someone about how I feel, should I be feeling this way, etc... I decided to look for a group or to see if there was such a thing and I found this group so I'm giving it a try. I'm very blessed with how things turned out and feeling great, but its good to know that if I just have something to say that I won't be judged and just clear the air per say. Thank you and Blessings to you all ;)

In July of last year I had an emergency quadruple bypass after finding out I had a sever heart attack which I did not even know. 2 months later had to have a trach operation since my vocal cords started to stop opening and I could not breath. I have heard that operations can bring on depression and anxiety. That is true in my case.
There is a site called meetup and you may find a group near you that meets to talk about what they are feeling. I have been to a few and it helps get through some tough times.

@tropical_thailand Thank you for your information and blessings for continue healing.