Good evening ladies! I am posting this for all the new lad

Good evening ladies! I am posting this for all the new ladies who have asked for the list of supplements i am using to help the various perimenopause symptoms. I am by no means a doctor, nurse or pharmacist and have had no medical training. The following list of vitamins and minerals are what I know to personally help ME in my quest to beat perimenopause/ menopause at stealing my mind, body and soul!
I am in my 14th year of perimenopause..... sometimes I think that mother nature forgot about me and I am stuck in perimenopause hell forever, then I remember that my poor grandmother STILL had a cycle at the age of 62, So I realize I could very well have another decade to go before I actually hit full blown menopause. I think this is a cruel thing to make me have all of these symptoms and still have the monthly horror show to deal with, But am sooo thankful that I have had the good fortune to find what works for me to keep the beast within at bay! Considering that I was at one time a few years ago in such a deep depression that I would stay in bed for days at a time, have such uncontrollable crying fits that my poor husband had no idea how to deal with me or what to do for me, the irrational anger over the smallest infractions would send me into a two day rage, then depression again over the guilt I felt for acting that way...i feel blessed to have beaten the game and drug myself out of the pit of hell I was in! I'm WINNING... The following supplements have helped me do this!
I use...
1200mg of fish oil 2x a day... this helps with so many things for anxiety, depression and keeps the heart healthy
1000iu of water soluble vitamin E to help personal dryness and dry skin
Super biotin for thinning hair skin and nails
Vitamin B 12 2500mg a day for increased energy
Vitamin B6 50mg for brain fog and nervous system
Magnesium glyconate...400mg before bed every night....Magnesium controls over 300 bodily enzyme functions and most of us are deficient in this very important mineral because of the way our foods are grown and processed these days.... I also supplement with a transdermal magnesium oil spray called Kaiame Naturals brand and get it at Amazon ...i use it on my neck and shoulders, feet and sciatic nerve areas. If someone broke in my house and stole all of my vitamins....I would BEG them to leave me this one!! Great for anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, depression, nerve issues, restless legs etc.... took many benefits to list them all!
Vitamin D3 5000iu a day...natures happy pill! This helps depression naturally and also helps mood swings
Vitamin A 8000iu a day helps skin on the cellular level
Vitamin C 1000mg 3x a day... this is very important ladies!
The single most beneficial information I have found on this journey is the book WHAT YOUR DR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE.... this is a MUST have ladies! I actually started understanding what in the world is going on with the hormone imbalance and have been able to synch my hormones back up with the info in this book.
DAILY EXERCISE! You gotta do it girls... get up and get outside for a walk, or find a treadmill on let go or Craigslist, whatever you do...get walking! You will have MUCH more energy, be able to handle stress better which means less hot flashes!
It is a known fact that hot flashes thrive on caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods and STRESS!
Yoga, and Zumba are awesome stress relievers.
I know I'm probably forgetting something but this is a rough outline of what I've been doing for the past 6 years with great results!
I truly hope that it helps you too! You girls are welcome to private message me anytime if you have questions or just post here...I try to check in before work in the morning but if I can't I will check in before bed.
I am so glad you ladies have found our group and hope you stop in as often as you need to so you don't feel are far from it!
Hugs to all!

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Thanks for all the info .....really helpful.

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@STANLEY065 hope this helps you girlie!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post this ! Much appreciated. ;)

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@chimama you are very welcome chimama…how are you today? Hope you get some great use of this info!

@CKBlossom yes yes yes friend…I am sooo much better with my magnesium supplements! Just have to be careful cause the pill forms can sometimes be a natural diuretic as well. Chelated magnesium is best and does not cause the dreaded bathroom issues! Glad you are getting educated in magnesium… most of us are deficient…80%of the population!

@CKBlossom Good stay positive, I am trying to, as well. His assignment is until The beginning of October, the exact date can change on a whim. A long haul for me with myhealth, but I kept things from him or he would not have left …I need him to do what he loves and come back when he is done…I will get the care I need and he cannot do alot, so there was no point worrying him, Ya know.
i had a cancer scare last January …WOW that is so hard, isn’t it ? Well my friend think positive and I will try to, as well, and together we will muddle along and keep on getting through it all…ANYTIME, OK !

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@mechele Thanks for posting. I try to take a lot of things too but it’s hard to keep up.