Good friends and exercise melted my stress and anxiety away today

Yet again my stress and anxiety hit an all time high this afternoon when several business facets started going haywire. I felt such heavy anxiety that I found it hard to breathe. One friend invited me to coffee in the afternoon and a group of friends invited me out for a run this evening. I felt like cancelling on everyone and curling up into a ball of self pity. I forced myself out the door. Coffee time with my friend changed my mood immediately; it was such a happy and fun filled time. Then, the run with a group of friends really pushed me hard physically. All of my stress and anxiety melted off of me. It's amazing what good surroundings and exercise can do to change your mood. Just wanted to share, hope this helps you when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Yeah absolutely! Glad they're there for you and sorry you had such a stressful day. We get those every now and then.

I'm lucky I got my crew of friends that are right there when the same things happen to me. Little things can really drastically change our days, moods, everything. Simple things go a long way.

Thanks July! I'm so happy that you have such a supportive and great group of friends. Mine are such a huge blessing. They support me, make me laugh, and are just so genuine.