Good Morning! Afternoon! It’s a Beautiful Sunny Day! 1.)

Good Morning! Afternoon! It’s a Beautiful Sunny Day!
1.) get outside and breathe in that fresh (?) air and feel the Sun on your face. Never good to look directly in the sun but with your eyelids closed you can look towards it for a moment to let the sun go past the eyelids and heel the eyes. And just being in the sun for a while is healing. On my way out!

2.) water .. drinking water first. Juice the lemon and put it in my water. Yum Yum.

My little win yesterday was that I didn’t overeat. I did what I wanted to do and that feels good.
One day at a time!

How is everyone doing today?
Anyone want to do a 3 day challenge?

We can start with water and juicing something being your first meal. Fruit being your second and a small bowl of homemade soup being last. Keeping calorie count in mind.

I have a recipe for you.

What you need:
1.) large bag of frozen green beans.
2.) large bag of frozen peas
3.) a few pounds of organic carrots
4.) garlic
5.) purple onion
6.) red pepper
7.) coriander seasoning
8.) any type of organic potato

Steam potatoes. Add a cup of carrot, green bean and tea to your sauce pan. Add 2 cups water at first. Add steam potatoes and mush everything up. Put your spices in a small blender and blend those up to make your seasonings. Add to the pot and stir together. You have a very delicious homemade soup that is low calorie and creamy. You can only use less potato and more vegetables or vice versa. There’s no fat in it and it’s good for dinner. I was going to have it last night but I didn’t want it so I skip it.

1.) Breakfast - water and freshly juiced fruit and vegetable drink of your choice.

2.) Lunch - whole organic fruit of your choice. One banana and two apples.
3.) Dinner - a bowl of your soup.
Can continue for 7 days.

This is what I’m thinking about. Did it yesterday and will continue through the rest of week and weekend.
Makes it very simple.

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The easiest way to accomplish this is to stay away from Temptations like everything basically. LOL… But you know what I mean. Restaurants, the smell of my neighbors barbecue is annoying.… LOL…

And have all of these things that you need at your house. So go to the store and get it. Have enough for five days if you can.

I always buy a lot of banana and apple and then put them in my refrigerator. I mainly juice celery but I’ll be juicing carrot and apple As well.

I’ve never been good at following someone else’s plan exactly so of course modify it to what works for you.

Please share your experience on each day on the following day when you have completed your mission. Like yesterday, I didn’t want to think about what I was doing or talk about it until it was done. Now that it is done I can say I did it.

Hmm interesting challenge! Did you feel hungry when doing this or ok? Congrats on completing challenge! I’m not sure but I kind of thinking about doing juice, fruits and vegetables for 3 days. I’m gonna hold the potato I think but thanks for sharing recipe!

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@Foundlove yesterday I was not hungry after I ate the fruit. It was awesome. I have been working on getting my mindset right for so long and I finally had a good day. Today was good too and I just had a little bowl of the potato vegetable soup because I’m not eating anything else. It went well and I think I’m gonna make it through the night. Drinking a lot of water. I’m not stressing myself out with any extra stuff. Tomorrow will be different we’ll see how that goes. Yes, you can easily
Do you three days when you eat lots of fruit. It fills you up.
Or a lot of juicing I’ll fill you up. We just never drink enough.