Good morning, all. I am a 33 yr old female who has a mother

Good morning, all. I am a 33 yr old female who has a mother and grandmother who both have/had thyroid issues. My grandmother, who recently passed, bless her, had Hisamotos disease, and my Mom has a version of that aswell but she had her thyroid nuked i guess back when they did that & they don't really nuke thyroids anymore I guess, but Her's is now all the way dead so she's on a pretty high dose of thyroid medicine, and I only found my hyperthyroidism after the birth of my first baby girl 12 years ago now. I've been on and off my medication because I also struggle with addiction and my addiction became priority a few times but now I will have a year and 5 months sober on the 12th of this month. (My Sober Date this time around being: 12/12/21! Yay!) && I am just very borderline between I guess having a working normal thyroid and one that just barely puts out enough hormones, I guess. I say I guess a lot because I don't know for sure how it all Mom and grandmother never told me much about thyroid issues until I was told I had an issue with mine after my oldest daughter's birth so it took me by surprise and I was told I was just supposed to take this one pill everyday 30 minutes before my first meal or 30 minutes after my last meal of the day and to come back to get my blood tested every 6 months or so. I recently woke up from a 3 month coma (fell into a coma on my sober date due to covid, pneumonia, and both of my lungs collapsing, some heart stuff, a blood infection, etc, etc, etc, I flatlined 3 times. Big thing. ANYWAY....), a year and almost 5 months later I am still feeling so freaking tired and my levels have obviously recently been checked...kinda, its coming up on the 6-month mark again I think where I'll get tested again, but my energy levels are so freaking low to the point I don't wanna get up its bad. I've considered it may be depression too, I struggle with that. I dunno what I'm trying to say or ask here on this support form for hyperthyroidism. I guess I just wanted to tell someone I was struggling with just everything going on with me. I stupidly gave my Mom a few of my thyroid pills cause when her Mom died (the grandmother i mentioned at the beginning of my post), she fell into a depression too and didn't go to her doctor for a while to the point she ran out of scripts and couldn't get in to see her doctor for a MINUTE and refused to call and ask for a refill or two until she could get in. I guess she had already called and asked a month or so prior with the promise of coming into her doctors to get seen and she never did it. Whatever, fine. She got a new thyroid doctor and is waiting to see them, so I was like sure here ya go! Now, I'm on a MUCH lower dose then her and I didn't think anything of it at the time cause she could just cut Her's up to replace the ones I gave her (we are on the same type of medication - I DON'T ADVOCATE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR I HAVE LEARNT MY LESSON AND WONT DO IT AGAIN - and I love my mom and when she's low she's lowlowlow and I didn't wanna see her suffer and thought she could replace mine no problem, right? Well, it came time for me to ask for a few to get me thru to my next appointment and she's like oh well if I cut mine up to replace yours then they will basically just be dust and unusable and I don't want to accidently overdose you. Like.....well I'm screwed now, aren't I? Just because I am on such a low dose, I'll be fine she says to me. UGH. Anyway, lesson learnt. Next time I'll offer to make her doctor appointment for her instead of lending her my meds. Cause now I'm gonna be like 2 weeks behind and that's gonna suck.

Anyway, enough complaining. I look forward to reading some other posts here and giving support as well as receiving it. Thank you all! & Blessed be! <3

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I am so glad you are up and writing, a coma is no joke! I too have hoshimotos or am developing it. I have found that eating really, really healthy is key. The closest to a paleo diet the better. My mother and grandmother and an aunt have it as well. It is a hard road to maneuver, but for now I got to my endo once a year, I have nodules on my thyroid, so until it isn't working anymore, I can't take pills as it will make the nodules grow. Frustrating and I am right there with you in the whole trying to figure things out as I go.

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@CKBlossom Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on both of my active posts on this site. It is so encouraging. There's meetings everywhere for my addiction of mental illnesses but I've found very little support for my other chronic illnesses!!! I hate how just cause I'm borderline between a working thyroid and not that I get wrote off as ill be fine. If anything it is a worse for me sometimes cause I FEEL it when I don't have my pills for a few days but cause I'm not working right now I can afford to lay on my couch for a few weeks. The medical system is so backwards sometimes. I'd rather be up and working & it's not considered a disability to the point where I can get disability pay so how is it really okay I just lay about?! I have needs too! Like, I live with my mom since I came home from the hospital - thank goodness - but I gotta ask her to buy my pads for when my period finally came back or new underwear cause I was free balling it forever but now I was having a period I needed underwear and it was just embarrassing as a 33yr old woman to ask. It's all so hard! I can appreciate where you're coming from aswell as learning as we go. I get food stamps - thankfully - and I try to plan good food but it's hard for me to walk around and shop. I'm too embarresed to use the carts you drive around I'd prolly crash it into someone - lol! I go back and forth on my feels alot. I took the trash out like I do everyday acouple days ago and I didn't realize how weak I really was feeling and had a bad fall. (Having not followed up with my physical therapy I'm not walking right, and that's my fault definitely and I'm seeing a new PCP this coming 22nd. I'm hoping it's not too late to do PT...sigh!) Plus I have to report all my falls. It sucks...cause I really do need help but as an ex addict everytime I complain about my pain my old doctor would tell me to ask my phyciatrist for meds to help with my pain, and of course my phyciatrist laughed and refused - cause I'm a recovering addict & I don't even want pain meds, I'm already on maintiance and that helps. I want to find out the root of the pain and try to treat it, but that seems to be foreign concept to doctors these days. I can't tell you how many times my old PCP refused to treat me and just sent me to the ER & the ER would tell me to follow up with my PCP. Very frustrating. I'm really praying this new doctor will try to help me. If she tries some things and there's no helping my pain then fine I can accept that and I'll live with it, but I wanna try something or at least talk about options. My old doctor would only talk to me for 5 minutes & rush out. Ugh! I could go on! Ahaha! I pray we both find answers we deserve to live comfortably with a good quality of life, no one is perfect but we deserve a shot at it! Blessed be! ♡