Good morning, any plans today or this weekend that you're

Good morning, any plans today or this weekend that you're looking forward to? I think it'll be rainy for several more days, so I'm thinking of finding some funny Christmas movies to have on in the background! I also want to work on Christmas cards. Anyone else want to share what you're looking forward to? It's nice to read positive things here too =)

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I plan on putting my Christmas tree up and sending out a few cards. I don't get too excited about Christmas as I don't see my family as they get together in the evening and I am still unable to join them.It's been that way for years and I am hoping by next year I will be able join them. I know a lot of us are in the same boat. Renting Christmas movies is a great idea..

@TennisPlayer I hoped you're having a good day? My husband brought up the Christmas tree from the basement, last weekend. But it's still bare, with no decorations on it, not even an ornament, or tinsel... My kids were supposed to assist me in decorating the tree.... But I haven't seen any assistance thus far? So this Mother on Strike! I told my daughter to bring up, the boxes of ornaments from the basement... She has only brought i box, so far? So mommy is on Strike for the Holidays! Hugs my friend.... Yes, and to all my SG friends Christmas, and The Holidays are just for a few days..... What about the rest of the year? What about Peace, and Goodwill to men for throughtout the year, and not just for The Season? There is a reason for the Season! Also most of ALL, what about the old saying, that "Charity Begins at HOME? "