Good morning everyone! Just trying to put things in perspe

Good morning everyone!!! Just trying to put things in perspective. As some of you know I was recently diagnosed with hsv back in October. My first outbreak was in September. I don't know how to feel about it. What I mean by thus is the fact I don't have oral or genital hsv. It's actually in the palm of my right hand. So, for most people they have to contemplate over she they should disclose to someone they are going to be intimate with. However, I have to constantly tell people that I don't shake hands. Ofcourse I get the side eye. Idk, does anyone have any input.

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well, that makes things interesting. Does it breakout there often? Is there an area that it keeps popping up at?

@Sanguine101 September the outbreak resembled a the with (extremely itchy) didn’t know it was hsv, October started with the rash again and then quickly turned to blisters, November the outbreak was suppressed before it couple really get started because I started valtrex the day the itching began. It just so happened that my Dr appointment was that day. My cycle started the next day. My cycle coincides with the September, October, and November outbreaks.

When an outbreak comes is there a subtle warning before it actually erupts?

@Sanguine101 the itching along with rash, then blisters. Also, my lymph node was swollen under my right jaw, and I had flu symptoms. I’m just waiting for my cycle to come this month to see if the valtrex will stop outbreaks every month.

Hi I'm not a member of this group I'm trying to decide about it but, if I may comment on your particular situation? I have been diagnosed since 1996 and I was devastated, and I didn't know what to do or say but I knew I had to keep it a secret and I had to keep others safe from infection until I learned to live with the fact that my life has changed. I just make sure I protect others and keep my condition under control which means I keep it a secret to this day. But I keep others safe, so that means that you have to do what you know is the right thing by absorbing the cross eyed look or the turned up faces, sometimes the best safety net for people is that they don't need to know everything. Your life is changed forever but You are alive and you still have a life to enjoy and people to love and share yourself with even if they don't understand how wonderful you are in keeping them from having to go through what you go through. Just know you are a Protector of others for life, and that is a wonderful and Powerful position, in life. Keep smiling.

@DarkMan thank you for your kind words and welcome to SG!!!You should join tho group and maybe a few others as you see fit.

PS, I am a heterosexual man who happens to know how to deal with adversity. So if it sounds or seems that I am sensitive then I am, but not in a feminine manner. So we (Men) are out here too, hang in there everyone we male and females are all alike in our adversity, the Protectors.

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Well, welcome to SG and the groups. We're a very sociable bunch here.