Good morning, I was in a bad car wreck in 1983. A few years

good morning, I was in a bad car wreck in 1983. A few years later I started having seizures, but they were controlled by meds. I went on to marry and have 3 children. things were good for many years until my wife told me she was unhappy. My health has been in decline ever since and last weekend I had a seizure, my first one in close to 25 years. I was off my meds for about a year, big mistake but I was having depression issues. Now I'm a mess, I have no will to live and therapy and anxiety meds are not helping. This is on my mind from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. HELP!!

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sending some hugs and support your way. It sounds like you are going through a pretty rough time. How are you able to cope through the anxiety, and depression? what are your goals in terms of taking care of yourself and your needs?

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@Aura82 My main goal is getting out of this house . We are 23 years into a 30 yr mortgage , so we have a good amount of equity. Until I had the seizure I was hoping we could still work things out. She filed a PFA on me when I was in the hospital. I’m getting ready to go to it now. thanks for the hugs and support.