Good morning! My father lost his left leg as a result of a n

Good morning! My father lost his left leg as a result of a near-death automobile accident. I made the choice to move in with him to help and it has been a draining experience. Just looking for support from others that are going through this traumatic experience too :)

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Thank you for your encouraging words browneyedgirl! I, too am sorry to hear about your loss. Of course I cannot speak from first hand experience but I know it has to be trying experience just watching and caring for my dad. Speaking of which, lol, he is a VERY proud man and fiercely independent so you can just about imagine how this has impacted both he and our family's lives.
I really am exhausted most days and since my siblings live out of state the bulk of the weight of care falls on me.
For at least 2 years after the accident, I rarely if ever left the house for anything extra-curricular. There was just so much that had to be done. It has gotten a bit better over the last year but it is still taxing. Personal life, what personal life? Dating is somewhat embarrassing because even though I live at home by choice, I still get that "you still live at home" look coupled with pity/sympathy. I hate to seem selfish and like I am complaining because I know it could be a lot worse but some days i just want to scream!