Good Morning. My sister and I have just been informed that m

Good Morning. My sister and I have just been informed that my mother has been diagnosed with Mild cognitive changes. They are doing a repeat test due to her doctor thinking it has gotten worse. She is 61 years young. Neither one of us noticed anything until a coworker of my moms brought up somethings to us. I am really emotional right now and trying to understand all the emotions that come with this diagnoses and how to help my mom without over stepping my boundaries as a daughter.

Welcome, good for you to reach out now rather than later. Mild cognitive impairment is the very early stage of any form of dimentia. You will do well to educate yourself and interact with her doctor on this. Much suffering comes to families of those with this condition because of lack of knowledge. As you educate yourself you will learn that overstepping your existing thoughts of boundaries will become vital. Please learn, you will need to learn to protect your own emotional welfare and learn your limits on effectively helping your mother.

If is impacting her work, she may choose to apply for disability. Boundaries are touchy, but you may want to look over her finances with her. Make sure no scammers creeped in.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have become her power of attorney and taken over her finances and my sister and I have both become her medical power of attorney's. I am really glad I found this support group because I was starting to feel alone even though I know I have my sister. We are looking into filing for disability and I know she can retire early at 62 so we are only a year out from that.

I am right there with you and it is hard to accept that we have to become more and more responsible for our parent as their capabilities decline. Is your mom able to talk with you about what she is experiencing and feeling? We just recently made arrangement for my mom to start seeing a counselor.
Do you feel like you and your sister are able to work together well? I have 3 other siblings and it has been interesting to watch how each of us interacts with our mom and also with each other as we are all trying to work together in this.

To our surprise my mom has been seeing a neurologist for 8 years but was only diagnosed recently. She had been through this whole process with my grandfather and is talking my sister and I through it step by step. I have noticed that my sister and I both have handled to news differently. I am more of the one who needs some time to process what is going on and my sister is a little more pushy to get legal things taken care of before this gets worse. I think we will be able to work together as long as we can understand the effect it has on us and talk through it. I am sorry that you are going through this.

@klsykes wow that sounds incredibly helpful for your mom to be able to share what she learned from going through this with your grandfather. I hope that does make this process easier on all of you!
I have discovered that there are LOTS of helpful resources available once you start looking for information on this. One of the articles I read had a very helpful checklist as well as a list of other resources. I have gone back to this article several times. Maybe it will be useful for you too. You can check it out at this link: