Good news

Great news! I have FINALLY started putting on some weight. I went for my second weigh-in and body measurement session on Wednesday and Ive finally started gaining after a whole month of trying so hard to stick to the meal plan. I'm super stoked that the hard work is finally paying off! And so far no major melt downs in front of the mirror either :-)

Health, here I come!


CONGRATULATIONS! That is such great news! I am so proud of you. You are such an inspiration. Its is great to hear how positive you are with the changes your body are making towards health. I wish you much luck in continuing your recovery :)

And I just wanted to add that you have inspired me so much that I feel strong enough to actually get closer to my meal plan goal today.


I am really glad this has helped you Allee. Every little step in the right direction towards recovery should be celebrated. Its not easy and it can be a long journey but if we just put one foot in front of the other each day we will eventually get there, and you will too, I am sure of it :slight_smile:

CONGRATS! I think it's incredibly awesome what you've been able to accomplish, especially since you've been working so hard for it. And I applaud you for being able to view it and discuss it as the great thing it is, and not let ED lie to you and try to turn it into something else. You go, girl!

that is just awesome---as this is a hard thing to deal with and do--soo many many congradulations!


That's wonderful news, Simone! ♥ Health... A beautiful thing. :)



that is so great! You are an inspiration to all of us.

Simone this is great news!! So happy for you :)

Paige xoxo

Thanks everyone for your support :-)