Good things about me! ;-)

My therapist have given me a little assignment, as some of you know, I have low self esteem, i cant even think of 5 things about me but I can give you a lot more negatives about me. Well the assignment is, she has asked me to get people that I trust to write 5 good about me, and also me keep it simple like one to 5 words for example you are kind, she said that more is welcomed but she would like at least 5 good things about me. And then I will read all the things to her, and then write them all down again and change them into "I" statements. I hope I made sense in explaining this, I really wanted to post this on here, and so I would appreciate it so much if you could reply. I put them under all of my support groups cuz the more replies I get the better. Also when you reply if you could reply with it looking like a list. Also it's ok if the same good thing is said more then once. So Thanks!

Luvz and Hugz

I know I am new here and I dont' know you well but I have been watching you post, even for me, and I can tell you are a very caring person. Even if you are not sure what to say you can just say you understand. That is not something you HAVE to do you choose to do that be cause care about people even people you don't know.

1) You got out of bed, however unwilling, and chose to face the day.
2) You are seeking help from others, be they counclers or not.
3) You care enough about others to offer words of encouragment, regardless of how you are feeling about yourself.
4) You try, you truly do, many in positions like yours simply try to blend into the background.
5) You get back up when you are knocked down, however slowly, and stand against a world that never lets up.
6) You feel, it is easy to let yourself go numb, it takes a real fighter to face the emotional havok life brings.

Never stop being you, never forget you have value, and above all, love yourself you deserve it.

Princess :)

You are so compassionate towards others
You care not only about seeking help but giving help to othera in need
You are a beautiful soul
You are a dear friend
You have a heart of gold :)


u are smart
u are funny
u try to do new things daily
u care for others
u are special and unique

and i for one am glad i know u

love D :)

Awww look how loved and respected you are!

1) You are reaching out and sharing, despite how painful it is!
2) It is obvious that you are motivated to help yourself!
3) You are compassionate.
4) You are worthy, just the way you are!
5) You are taking steps to recovery, in a very tanglible way!

Take care...Jan ♥

You are smart
You are kind
You are friendly
You are fun
You are beautiful

-you're a good friend.
-you're a giving person
-you're empathetic to others
-you're a loving person
-you care for others
-you're far stronger than you realise

And I, from my heart say each one of those.
Love you hun
Moongal x

Thank you everyone who has replied, I really appreciate it, thanks, all the good true thing you guys wrote really means the world to me, I feel special and loved by you guys! I am so loved on here and now I know I am loved very much!



love the new logo/picture its great to see u sporting girly pink rather than bland white like before

u are emerging into a beautiful young woman

love D :)

Thank you D! I really like it myself, and think it is very cute, pink is my favorite color.

sorry I am late but you understand why since we talked about it...

the first thought that came to mind when asked was one thing and it may sound silly but...

you are there -- for me and for others...

what i mean is that you put yourself out there being available for supporting us listening to us commiserating w/ us... you are there for us/ with us/ by us...

not sure i made sense to anyone but me but that is the first thought that came to my mind

Thank you Krisalis, and yah I understand. You made total sense, I know what you are saying, your saying I am there for you and others, like I am very supportive. Thanks!

Lovin the new disp pic princess!

Thank you Gina, I like my new display pic too, there were so many cute ones it took me a long time to decide which one I wanted.

Hi Princess!
Sorry I'm writing this so late!

You are very understanding and so willing to learn.
You have awesome morals and a tender spirit.
You are so sweet and accept everyone for who they are and their individuality.
You know how to communicate your thoughts well in writing.
You offer great advice and are a superb listener.
You are an all around good person!!

I'm so happy you're on this site Princess. You really offer something special to everyone you talk to.

Love you

Thanks everyone who replied I really appreciate it lots, I posted all these good things in another post and turned them into "I" statements.

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